What are "optimal" configurations for VIOFO dashcam that is powered when the ignition is "on" ?


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Oct 1, 2016
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If anyone here has a VIOFO A119 . . .

Can you please share your "optimal" settings / configurations for the dashcam that is powered when the ignition is "on" ?

NOTE 1 : My particular dashcam is the " VIOFO A119 (V3) "


Thanks very much for your detailed input.

Sincerely look forward to your reply.
I dont own that particular dashcam, but i almost always run with default settings on cameras.

I use.

3 min video segment size ( often default om cameras )
Then i use the highest bitrate / image quality
Then i do my time zone which are +1 hour or +2 now that we Danes are on summer time.
Then i make sure the speed are displayed in KMH in the footage
And as up until now i have not used parking mode i have disabled all such things and turned G-sensor settings off
I also do not use G-sensor while driving, why would i, i will feel every little nudge my car get, and a big one, well my memory card are large enough that it can record for 8 hours or so, and still not have owerwritten the event that knocked me and my car out, and rescue people should turn off the car as one of the first things to do.

You can / should always experiment with your new "toy" to see what you like best, one thing that people often neglect are the angle ( on horizon ) of the camera, today you do fine with a 50/50 split.
Some tend to aim a camera higher as they think "why have dash and hood in the footage", but forget why have the empty sky in the footage too, this alignment are important in how the camera do light measurements and set itself in regard to light level.

If you have tint in front of a camera you also want to experiment with the cameras EV settings, this can compensate for the light the tint block out and so give you brighter footage.

you can always reset your cameras values to default in the menu and start all over.