Where can I get a new power cord A118C 2?


Feb 10, 2018
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I was trying to get it started after not using it for a while. I didn't seem to get it going and was checking to see if the power adapter was plugged in all the way. I guess I pushed too much and the tip caved into the whole adapter.

I'm also wondering it it's normal to have to maybe charge the capacitor a bit before running it. I don't know...I hope it didn't die on me for not using it for so long. Any ideas and solutions for a new cable...one that's identical or more robust.?

Will this one be 100% compatible and not burn my car down? Link
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Not sure as I've not used it but the specs on that PS are good and it should work OK. The caps will charge when you turn the cam on, no need for a separate charge cycle. Just let the cam record a few minutes on start-up and it should all be as it was before. Probably be a good idea to check your settings then to be sure they've remained intact through the idle period. The A118c2 isn't as power-hungry as some more modern cams and will probably work OK with all but the cheapest USB-type power supplies and cables, and you can do the preliminary power-up with a home phone charger if you want to. Plenty of better cams for vid quality nowadays but it's a reliable model so if you're happy with it that's all that matters :)

To this day I haven't replaced the cord. Still wanting to use it as the A119 doesn't seem to be all that better for my needs...even the size seems the same, correct me if I'm wrong.
Question: what was the parts attached to the cord...looked like little plastic housing and stuff instead of a straight cord. Are they important and do I need to find a cord with the same on it?