X500D Install on 2016 Mazda 3


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Jan 27, 2017
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Made some quick videos during my X500D hardwire install.
Not great quality, but the price is right!

Did a lot of research. Thanks to everyone who has posted info on these types of things. Thought I would contribute a little as well.
The hardest part (for me) were:
1) Figuring out which wire was ACC and Batt Constant on my hardwiring kit. It seemed to conflict with what I found online. To make a long story short: My yellow is labeled Battery (and that's correct). My red wire is labeled ACC (and that's correct).

2) Figuring out which fuses on my car were Constant and which were ACC.
To find your constant & ACC, check your manual, look around online, or the little doo-hicky devices that test your power.
I used R.Outlet3 (Accessory Sockets) for my Constant/Battery, and F.Outlet (Accessory Sockets) for my ACC.

I bought the following:
X500D (front/rear cam w/32 GB card)
Hardwire kit
2 add-a-fuses with two 5A low profile mini fuses (check your car fuse type)

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