[Xiaomi-Yi] Image De-Noise Methods

Discussion in 'Yi Action Camera' started by Hamdy, Jan 16, 2016.

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    Well i have searched for Scripts all over the web Found out there is a good Script for Increasing Sharpness which is t ia2 -adj tidx -1 500 -1 ..

    1st Question : When i decrease the Number ( in upper Example its 500 ) to lower value does it makes the Image More Sharper !! ?

    i've found that there is another method used in Noise Reduction Called Coring ..i dont get what this Method Does ? Beside that i found a Script and i didnt understand what to control

    #disable sharpening. coring should contain only 256x10
    #author: ?
    t is2 -shp mode 0
    t is2 -shp cor d:\coring.txt

    Available modes:
    0 - video
    1 - fast still
    2 - lowISO still
    3 - highISO still

    3rd question : Can i use Both Methods Together ? if No which one is better and why ?

    Thanks in Advance
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    Take a few shots with sharpen, coring, then both together of the same item under very similar conditions, then pixel peep and check to see which looks best?

    For denoise work post-processing images I find https://ni.neatvideo.com/ to be handy.

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