Yet another negative feedback for JooVuu


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Feb 12, 2015
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I placed an order for a Mobius Actioncam on 31 March from the JooVuu US website. My PayPal payment was immediately processed and the order status showed as "Shipped" later that same day. Great, right? Well, not so much.

Day to day I kept looking at the order status to see the tracking info and nothing changed. So on 3 April I opened a ticket through JooVuu's website (as the owner, Dan, has suggested on these DCT forums) asking if the Mobuis had actually shipped.

JooVuu support replied to the ticket on 7 April apologizing that the item was not in stock and the shipped status was sent in error. They offered to refund my money or wait until they get the Mobius cams back in stock.

I replied back the same day asking for the refund.

JooVuu replied back later the same day "Yes not a problem, we will get this processed for you."

So far, so good. Mistakes happen, so I'm willing to let it pass.

I wait two business days and...nothing. I reply "I still have not received the refund to my PayPal account. I know from the DashCamTalk forums that you're undergoing some significant challenges and changes to your website and customer service, but I can't imagine it taking [so long] to submit a PayPal credit. Please advise.

I get a reply 30 minutes later "Dear Mr Ledbetter, I do apologise, I have now processed this and it should definitely be in your account by tonight or early tomorrow. I do apologise for this."

Days later, still nothing. So I reply on 13 April "Please make sure Dan sees this!
I was told on 7 April that my PayPal refund would be processed. I posted another update to the ticket on 9 April stating that I still hadn't received the refund.
I prefer not to make an issue of this on the DCT forums, as you have already received quite a black eye regarding previous refund issues. If you look at my messages in this ticket, you'll see that I've been very patient and understanding, but this is getting ridiculous in how long it's taking JooVuu to process my PayPal refund. I must receive the PayPal refund by 15 April. If not, I will be forced to pursue a buyer's protection claim with PayPal and I will post the details of my problems on the forums."

Today, it's 16 April, and still no refund. I just submitted my PayPal Buyer's Protection claim.

I love this site because you get honest feedback and advice from end-users. My only advice is that you avoid dealing with JooVuu.
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I placed an order for a Mobius Actioncam on 31 May from the JooVuu US website.
You can't possibly have ordered in the future.