Koonlung K1S

Koonlung K1S

The K1S dashboard camera is manufactured by the Chinese company Koonlung.  This is one of the first dual channel 1080p cameras that has the main DVR unit separate from the cameras.  Most of the dual cameras released today often come with a very large front camera which is not a very discrete design.  The K1S takes a different approach.  They have 2 small cameras and a separate DVR unit that can be hidden elsewhere in the vehicle (i.e. locked in the glovebox).

The K1S is Ambarella A7LA70 processor and an Omnivision CMOS sensor (likely the Omnivision OV2710).  This combination allows for 1080p recording at 30fps for both cameras, one of the few dual cameras with this capability.  The front camera has a bit rate of approximately 13Mbps and the rear camera is approximately 9Mbps.  This camera has very good video quality during the day and average video quality at night for both cameras.  While video quality will satisfy many people, the night quality is a bit worse than the dual cameras which are using the Sony Exmor CMOS sensors (Lukas LK-7950WD, Panorama X2, etc.)

The Koonlung K1S has a 2.7″ touch screen and an optional external GPS.  While the form factor of the K1S is excellent, there are a few drawbacks.  Unlike many other expensive dual cameras, the K1S does not have pre-buffered  parking mode.  Also the camera uses a battery rather than a capacitor (many people prefer capacitor based cameras since they withstand extreme temperatures better than batteries).

Known problems

Poor Audio Quality

Some owners have indicated the audio quality is poor.  It can be somewhat muffled and difficult to understand.  There is no known resolution to this problem.

No MPH Setting

The K1S records speed in kilometers per hour.  There is no way of changing this to miles per hour at this time with the camera.  However some dash cam viewer software allows the speed to be displayed in MPH.  This GPSPlayerV1.9.zip has that feature.

MPH setting is now available

Camera Freezes

Some owners have indicated that the camera freezes.  No known solution for this problem.

Reboots on touch

One owner has indicated that the DVR unit reboots itself when the screen is touched or the wiring is moved.  This could be due to a loose USB port.  One owner has been able to squeeze the port to provide a better connection which resolved the issue.

Sample Videos

Please Select 1080p from Youtube settings at bottom right corner.

Night Video – Front

Night Video – Rear

Should I Purchase?

The Koonlung K1S is one of the first dual 1080p cameras with a separate DVR unit.  Video quality, while not the best, is actually quite good.  The form factor is excellent and you can lock away the DVR unit in your glove box.  The camera does not have a lot of additional features like parking mode and WiFi but it does have GPS.

Since this camera is relatively new, reliability is unknown yet but there have been a handful of negative reports (rebooting / freezing).  Overall, this is the best discreet dual camera available on the market today and is a good buy if reliability is maintained.

See what other owners have to say on our Koonlung forum.



Firmware Update Instructions

  1. Download the firmware and unzip / unrar it
  2. Format the SD card, copy the k1s.bin firmware file to the root directory
  3. Insert MicroSD with new FW into dash cam
  4. Power on dash cam, you will be asked to update firmware
  5. Update firmware

Latest Firmware

Previous Firmware Versions

User Manual


Detailed Specifications

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Camera Type Dual Channel
Form Factor Remote Lens
Country China
Processor Ambarella A7LA70
CMOS Front Omnivision OV2710
CMOS Rear Unknown
Channels 2
Screen 2.7"
GPS Optional
G-Sensor Yes
Wi-Fi No
Parking Mode NO
Lock Files Auto or Button
Max Resolution Front 1920×1080p
Front Frames Per Second 30
Max Bitrate Front (Mbps) 13
Max Resolution Rear 1920×1080p
Rear Frames Per Second 30
Max Bitrate Rear (Mbps) 9
Video Format MP4
Compression H.264
Diagonal Viewing Angle Front 160°
Diagonal Viewing Angle Rear 160°
SD Card Type MicroSD
Max Size (Spec) 64GB
Max Size (User) 64GB
Size Front (mm) 28 x 28 x 32
Size Rear (mm) 28 x 28 x 32
Mount Adhesive
Power Supply 5V
Operating Temp -10°C to 60°C
Battery 1100mAh
Error Notification Screen
Swivel (To Record Side Windows) No
Apps PC
Cloud Connectivity No
Release Date Feb 2015
Unique Features Dual camera with separate control unit
Advantages Small Front and Rear cameras, both 1080p
Separate control unit that can be hidden
Disadvantages Poor quality audio
Initial reliability appears to be mixed
No buffered parking mode
Final Word One of the first dual 1080p cameras with a separate control unit. Great design and good value. Missing some of the high end features (buffered parking mode, WiFi).

Published: April 6, 2015

Updated: April 4, 2016

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The Koonlung K1S is a dual 1080p camera with a separate control unit. Great design and good value.

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