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  • Hi Joovuu,

    Is it possible to have a discussion with you regarding the dash cam market place in the United States? Please feel free to contact me at!
    Hi JooVuu,
    I want to replace original X cam lense with a narrow FOV lense. About 60 degrees. I am considering using 6mm lense, but would ask for your advice.
    Kamkar suggested this supplier page.
    Do you doubt this lens change will work okay? Any special requirement?
    Which would be better, f1.6 vs f 2.0 size?
    Thank you, Paul Albertson
    Hi Albertson,
    It should work - I haven't used this supplier so cannot comment but looking at everything it seems like it should work.

    Hi, hoping you might be able to help - any idea where I can source a replacement battery for a Mini 0806 dashcam?
    Best person to ask would be Rayman Chan on these forums :)
    Hi Joovuu. I am reseller in Vietnam and I want to buy 20 to test the market. How do I buy them ? with what price ?
    My country is next to china and I have a way to shipping without tax. And I can tranfer money direct to china bank too. If it's convinient to you.
    Hope I can cooperate with you.
    Hi thancam man.

    Great to hear from you! Send me a PM with your skype and we'll get this sorted for you :)

    Hi Daniel. Do you ship your Mobius camera to Canada? I am also wondering if one is in stock because on the website it says in stock soon. Thanks. - Will
    We do indeed! They'll be in stock later this week/early next.
    Can you please confirm that the IRO D50 you're selling on your website can work as reverse camera monitor (i.e. switches automatically to display video from reverse camera if input signal is detected)?
    If yes then I would like to buy it.

    TR is adding lots of new car cameras and soon a very nice new shiny comparisson tool.
    Dear Daniel,

    My name is Simon.(Chinese name--Pei Simeng).
    I am the sales manager of Chinese Car DVR producer----IRO. Our company is located in Shenzhen, China.
    May I have your contact information and have a talk with you?
    Good luck!


    Skype: bfsupsm


    Tel: +86 13824335995
    G'day Daniel,Just wanted to let you know I received my Mobius package today.Thank you.
    In future if I do order more parts(possibly another camera) from you,perhaps if you can wrap the content/s in a bit more bubble wrap to give it more protection as they seem very vulnerable in the thin package that it came in.
    Thanks again.
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