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    Veckle mini 906 Install 2018 Honda CR-V

    My first post, forgive me if I do something wrong. Installed the mini 906 with parking kit today, first install of this type for me. I will not got into a lot of details here but will be happy to explain to anyone needing the information. I was actually thrilled at how simple it turned out to be...
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    Two channel camera with parking mode for electric car?

    I just installed a Blackvue DR750S-2ch into my car. I like the all the features but I'm not liking the video quality (coming from an A119 in my old car). The main reason I went with the DR750 was because of its G-Sensor/movement activated parking mode. As my car is electric, it doesn't have...
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    Advice Needed - Mini 0906 Dual OR Aukey DR02-Dual

    I'm looking at buying two dual camera dashcams for our cars here in the UK. I've been considering the BlueSkySea Mini 0906 and the Aukey DR02. From what I've read, the Mini 0906 has a better (?) front camera sensor in the Sony Exmor IMX291 compared to the IMX323 used by the Aukey. However...
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    Difference between....

    Hello all. this is my first post here. I am looking to purchase my first dashcam. I am really interested in the mini 0906. one question, what is the difference between the veckle and blueskysea models of this cam? is it basically just a rebranding? thanks