a119 v3

  1. viofo

    VIOFO Amazon UK——Black Friday Sales Discounts

    Hey guys! Black Friday is just around the corner! We've prepared up to 26% off for you in our Amazon UK store! During November 22- 29, you'll have a chance to get the following four dashcams at a super favorable price as the picture shows. There is also a 10% discount available for accessories...
  2. K

    Parking mode with HK2 and timer

    Hi! I have a question regarding this parking mode in A119 v3 with GPS, but have the same behavior in A129 Plus too. I need to use 2-wires hardwire kit (HK2) and I want to use parking mode with timer (my car sometimes is not used for few days). Now I have possibility to test this dashcam on my...
  3. GPSMapper

    Script to extract GPS Data from A119 V3 MP4 / TS

    All credits going to SergeiF Some history He has updated his script nvtk_mp42gpx.py adding support for A119 V3 MP4 containers and also introducing TS files support. (Viofo A119 V3 and Blueskysea B4K)
  4. O

    How to read GPS data from A119-G V3 FW2.3 from .TS file? DashCamViewer cannot see GPS data in that files.

    Hi All, How can I read GPS data from A119-G V3 FW2.3 from .TS file? DashCamViewer cannot see GPS data in that files. From .MP4 everything works OK, but from .TS only the video is showing, no GPS data is read by DCV. Is the GPS data even put into .TS files?
  5. A

    Found hot pixels in A119 V3 , how to fix it?

    Hi, I just bought A119 V3 today and it's come with latest firmware. I found a lot of white hot pixel in video files. Is there any way to fix? one hot pixel in upper right is stuck but other is random blink. Thanks
  6. J

    VIOFO Circular Polarized Filter - Looks to have changed, can I still use original version on A119 V3?

    HI, I'm taking advantage of some Cyber Monday deals and upgrading my two A119 V1 to the new A119 V3. I have the VIOFO Circular Polarized Filters on both but looking at images the design has changed slightly with a rounded frame bulge. Do I need to buy the new ones or will the old ones still...
  7. B

    A129 Pro duo vs 2x A119 v3 (front and rear) vs A119 v3 (front)+A119 v2 (rear)

    Hi, I am new here but I have been following this site for a week now. Pardon my English as it is not my first language. I am looking to buy my first dash cam and I want to have a camera for front and rear but I don't know what to choose (see title). Is the 4k quality of the a129 pro front...
  8. Paddy32

    Lenght of usb power cable

    Hello, How long is the cable provided in the box with the A119 V3 ? Is it 1 meter ? 5 meters ? I can't seem to find the information on internet. Cheers.
  9. Paddy32

    Will this setup work ? Looking to buying an A119 V3

    Hello, I've never had a dashcam before and I would like to buy one and hardwire it to my car. Where I live (France) dashcams aren't illegal but very rarely used. The 2 models that have made my final list are the VIOFO A119 V3 and the Nextbase 522gw. When I look at the reviews it seems the VIOFO...
  10. BCHobbyist

    VIOFO A129 vs A119 V3 1440p Dash Cam side by side Comparison

  11. W

    DIY: Scheme extension battery pack parking mode

    Hi, I would like to extend my car battery with some more power, just to be safe, sometimes I park for a very long time in a parking lot and then its necessary to have some extra power. I had already some people who drove against my car without leaving any note ☹ I made up next scheme to...
  12. viofo

    VIOFO A119 V3

    We plan to release the V3 version this month, looking for reviewers before release, if you have interested in this new model and can do real reviews, please send PM to me. Samples will be shipped next week. The V3 version uses the same case as current A119 V2, but comes with totally different...