1. C

    Dashcam does not switch into normal mode from parking mode when engine is turned back on

    I purchased a Viofo A119v3 (firmware v2.3) recently as well as the Viofo 3-wire hardwire kit, which I wired to my fuse box (red constant wire to my dome light fuse and yellow ACC wire to my radio fuse), and I notice that whenever I turn the car off, it does indeed go to parking mode after some...
  2. L

    Trouble accessing menu A119 while plugged into computer

    Trying to update firmware on my A119 and don't know which version to use: A119S, A119 V2 or A119 v3 . Have the gps version and unit was bought March 2017 https://support.viofo.com/support/solutions/folders/19000140970/page/1?url_locale= That's the first issue. So, in order to determine which...
  3. Racecar Mike

    V3 Screen Freezes// No Video Preview// Repeats Start-Up Jingle Non-Stop

    Hi all! Just bought my v3 brand new a few days ago on Amazon. Day 1 worked great! Day 2 the thing only works about 5% of the time. 90% of the time, after start up, there is no video on screen- just the Viofo logo - with the timer rolling. usually the buttons still work, but it will freeze up...
  4. A

    Found hot pixels in A119 V3 , how to fix it?

    Hi, I just bought A119 V3 today and it's come with latest firmware. I found a lot of white hot pixel in video files. Is there any way to fix? one hot pixel in upper right is stuck but other is random blink. Thanks
  5. sdrawkcaB

    Seeking Firmware v1.01 for the A119V3

    I'm seeking firmware version 1.01 for the A119V3 to add to my personal firmware archive. Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide it.
  6. B

    Viofo A119v3 How to Pair android phone

    Hi all, How do you pair your phone to the app. I can't seem to be able to find the wifi button on the unit. It does not come up on my phone when searching for the unit
  7. T

    Most settings lost when undocked, used on PC, and then redocked

    I just bought a A119 V3 and am running the 1.0 firmware. It has the GPS mount, and that mount is powered by the Viofo hardwire kit HK3ACC. Also have a SanDisk 128GB "high endurance" card installed and formatted. The wiring has the yellow accessory cable plugged into a circuit that has power only...