1. H

    A139 vs. T130 Maximum Bitrate Sample Footage

    Hi, I am trying to decide between the A139 and T130. I would like to view some raw sample footage to help make my decision, preferably at maximum bitrate. YouTube compresses the footage too much. Does anybody have any links? Thanks.
  2. J

    Viofo App (v2.3) crash after 1.6fw update - iOS 15.3.1

    (I searched this forum and other sources and couldn't find any similar issues) Hello. I updated my a139 to the current firmware version (1.6). The firmware update appears to have been successful and the camera starts up and the audio notifications say it is recording. I enable the wireless on...
  3. SmplMaker

    Disappointing A139

    I've had nothing but issues with this POS dashcam since receiving it from Amazon yesterday morning. I was eager to get it install, and replace the A129 Duo I had in my truck. So as soon as it arrived, I busted out the tool box and got to working installing it.. that's where the first mistake...
  4. H

    Firmware Version Identification

    On my iPhone using the Viofo App when displaying the Firmware Version it shows VIOFO_A139_V1.2_.... I know they append the date to the end, but it's not visible. Is there another method to determine the date of the firmware?
  5. H

    A139 - Buffered Parking Mode

    Can someone confirm that the A139 still supports Buffered Parking Mode using the current firmware. I was ready to purchase the A129 Plus, until I read they had removed this feature due to firmware issues. I'm now considering purchasing the A139 2-Channel model. I would appreciate any feed back...
  6. euandrecampos

    A139 3CH no 60 FPS on the front camera

    Unlike the official product announcement (currently changed without notice), the camera does not allow the option of recording at 60Fps on the front camera through adjustments via the app. Is that a problem with all of you? Reference video
  7. N

    VIOFO APP Black Screen

    So I have received my order of A139 2-Channel and everything seems to be functioning except the Viofo App. Whenever connected to the app/camera, it displays a black screen instead of the image of the view from the camera lenses. Any way you think is the issue that’s causing this black screen on...
  8. M

    Hardwiring Viofo A139 to 2015 BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe F36

    A couple of weeks ago I hardwired the A139 into my BMW and thought I would just do a bit of a write up as it may help others with hardwiring their cameras especially given the issues that are sometimes encountered as a result of the battery management systems on modern vehicles. For the...