1. C

    Anytek X28 - USB dash cam for Android head unit - restarting problem

    Anytek X28 - quite a good video quality 720P Chinese USB car DVR dash front camera for Android head units. But with the big issue: It is randomly restarting with the message on Android head unit "USB storage removed" and then immediately reconnecting with the message "Preparing USB storage"...
  2. thancam

    Vicovation OPIA2 vs Anytek A3 vs XiaoYi

    I am copy from forums. @Pizdys seems dont comback our forums. So.... In nigh scene with a very small amount of light , Yi dashcam has the best image quality. And in day light, Opia2 takes its advantage. :) Nothing's surprise here :D
  3. esox07

    ANYTEK 2.7" AT-550 Full HD

    I just saw this camera show up on SlickDeals and was wondering if anyone has any opinions or experience with this camera. Two things concern me is whether or not this camera is truly FULL HD. And the max SD Card size of 32GB seems awful small. Any thoughts are appreciated. thanks...