1. Timzed

    Timelapse again

    Hi folks, from what I already found here, this is a great forum with really good resources for not just the average hobby photographer. While saying this, I hope that even for this old camera I can still get some help from you guys. So yesterday I tried to create some night timelapse. I have 2...
  2. T

    Yi Lite autoexec.ash commands

    Hey guys does anyone have some autoexec commands for the yi lite camera? I bought this camera on 11.11 on aliexpress it was on sale for 100 bucks with the waterproof case and its working nicely, but i want to push more out of that camera... I already emailed yi support about wanting a flat...
  3. N

    current date / time in .sh script possible?

    So, It's me again, don't want to get too offtopic my other thread here, that's why I'm starting a new one Since I'm currently trying to configure my Yi Action Cam for a automatic long period timelapse and I'm some kind of noobish I need your help, again ... What I've done so far -...
  4. S

    Merging two autoexec.ash files

    Hi there, I am not a coder/programmer/developer, and have recently managed to configure my 4 Xaiomi Yi's as wifi clients using this set of scripts. These scripts allow the cameras to be operated by apps like Brahma360 and others, currently I have only used Brahma360. Now I want to enhance the...