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Jun 19, 2020
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Hi folks,
from what I already found here, this is a great forum with really good resources for not just the average hobby photographer. While saying this, I hope that even for this old camera I can still get some help from you guys.

So yesterday I tried to create some night timelapse. I have 2 Yi Sports cameras rev. 25L with firmware 1.5.12. One was set to video timelapse, a shot every 5 seconds, the other one was set to photo timelapse, a shot every 10 seconds.
The result is awful, even though I am using a custom autoexec.ash. The video is as noisy as noisiness can get, and the stills are relatively OK at the beginning only, when dawn was still present. Later the images went pitch black, with some street lights visible very near only.

Hence my questions:
  • I understand that video timelapse is not ideal for dark shots, but: when seeing how much noise the camera produces, does it really make sense to turn down noise reduction to zero? Or does that setting (see below) only become effective for stills?
  • Regarding the stills, I assumed that when auto-exposure is enabled, the exposure issue described above should be elimitated, shouldn't it?
  • I read that one can set a fixed shutter time and other static exposure related parameters, however I don't always want to fiddle in the autoexec.ash whenever I change from timelapse (night) shooting to regular daylight photography. Is there a solution to this?
Furthermore I could imagine that some of the settings in my autoexec.ash file do not take effect anymore with the camera revision and the firmware I am running on, hence I post the relevant sections of my autoexec.ash now. Any help would be great

# Basic Settings
# --------------
# Increase max file size limit to 4 GB (if not working try second one)
writew 0xC03A8520 0x2004
#writew 0xC03AB4A0 0x2004

# Configure [AE][AWB][AF][Adj] 1-0 on-off
t ia2 -3a 1 0 0 1
#t ia2 -awb off
# ISO 200
t ia2 -ae exp 200 0 0
# Noise Reduction - 0=off
t ia2 -adj tidx -1 64 -1
# Auto exposure adjust
#t ia2 -adj ae 95
# Gamma adjust
t ia2 -adj gamma 205
# Vibrancy and saturation
t ia2 -adj ev 10 0 128 0 0 92 0
#Highlight Detail - minimal Clipping
t ia2 -adj autoknee 255
t ia2 -adj l_expo 92
# Set 11 (neutral) 12 (cool) or 14 (warm) scene mode (change to 9 for low light):
t cal -sc 11
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Time lapse AE time is limited to 1/10 second.
For long time exposure you need custom script.
#Shutter speed 1 == 7.9s; 50 == 6.1s; 100 = 4.6s
t ia2 -ae still_shutter 1
sleep 1
Hello Tehnicni,
thank you very much for this.
Can you tell what the code actually does?
Is it that the time presets for 1 second, 1/50 of a second and 1/100 of a second are being adjusted to 7.9, 6.1 and 4.6 seconds?
And with the second line you define which of the three is being used when releasing the shutter?
What is Sleep for?
Line which start with # is comment, so
#Shutter speed 1 == 7.9s; 50 == 6.1s; 100 = 4.6s
they dont do nothing
t ia2 -ae still_shutter 1
Set shutter or exposition time to 7.9second

Sleep is pause I think.
Look on forum for script.
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