current date / time in .sh script possible?


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Mar 10, 2018
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So, It's me again, don't want to get too offtopic my other thread here, that's why I'm starting a new one

Since I'm currently trying to configure my Yi Action Cam for a automatic long period timelapse and I'm some kind of noobish I need your help, again ...

What I've done so far
- Automatically enabled telnet and ftp via autoexec.ash - working
- Automatically starting captures with fixed ISO and speficied sleep time in autoexec.ash - working
- got a automatic downloader for the pictures running on windows - working (thanks to YiScanner 1.5.8)

What's still open topics
- clean up already downloaded files - well gonna manage that somehow
- create a shell script which periodically checks for current time, so the timelapse captures are stopped during nighttime - panic

and that's where I need your help

I thought it would be that easy to create a .sh file which reads the current timestamp by

now=$(date +"%T")
unfortunately date always returns Thu Jan 1 00:01:29 UTC 1970, the timestamp on the pictures shows the correct time.

Any Ideas how to read the correct date values on a Yi Action Cam? I'm afraid this could be a show-stopper for my project.

Absolutely every help is much appreciated