1. X

    F750 Autostart Issues

    My F750 auto starts with the ignition and turns off when I turn off the ignition as intended. The weird thing is, it won't auto start if I turn I were to turn off the ignition and within a short period of time (less than 30 min for example), it won't auto start again when i turn on the...
  2. Heather Wong

    Dual Lens Rearview Mirror Camera by ihreesy

    Over the last couple of years I have been in some auto accidents and my husband had tried to install some type of camera on the front windshield of my car but I would either forget to turn it on or I would take it down because it blocked my driving view with either the cables running down or...
  3. T

    Video recording freezes on engine start, sound continues.

    Hello everybody I have installed my C3 on my motorcycle and although it starts recording fine when I turn the bike switch on (the camera is powered from the main switch in a normal dashcam configuration), as soon as I start the engine the recording of video freezes but the sound continues to be...