battery drain

  1. S

    Just bought the Genesis 2019 AWD, just a few questions about the Thinkware U1000

    Hey All, I just purchased the 2019 Genesis G70 3.3T AWD. I'm thinking about hardwiring the Thinkware U1000 to the fuse box. The questions I have regarding the dash cam and fuse box are: 1) When I am parking at home in my garage, how would I turn off the dash cam so no battery drain is...
  2. karim174

    Which in-car Wi-Fi hotpot has less power draw?

    Hi, hope you're all well and safe! EE Mini WiFi router (rechargeable via usb) VS. EE Buzzard wifi router (12v socket type) I have a dashcam (thinkware u100) wired permanent live to my car which also requires Wi-Fi hot-spot to use over the air features.. Currently i have the EE mini WiFi...
  3. C

    Thinkware f800 pro battery drain on bmw f30

    Hi guys new here looking some advice please. I purchased the thinkware f800 pro to install on my 2018 f30 330d. Its installed to my cigarette lighter socket. I want to use the parking mode. Can it be installed to a live in fusebox or will i have to buy a ceelink battery or will it be ok to the...
  4. A

    Solar panels to help prevent 12v car battery drain in parking mode

    I currently have a small solar panel which I think is 1.5w and does very little. My car can sometimes be left for over a week without being used. My car is supplied as new with a 063 battery, and as the battery tray is big enough I have fitted a 096 battery instead for extra capacity. I use an...