blackvue 900

  1. kshyju

    Blackvue 4K video is not smooth when played inside blackvue app

    I got my blackvue DR900S 4K dash cam during this thanks giving from @BlackboxMyCar . When I transfer a recorded clip from the SD card(from front camera) to internal memory via the blackvue IOS app and then plays (inside the app), the video seems to be stuttering at times. Not very smooth. But...
  2. W

    BV900-2CH with B124 Power Magic Ultra Battery

    Hello all. Not sure if there is an obvious answer to this but haven’t seen any posts regarding this. I just got the BV 900 and ultra battery installed in my car on Wednesday. Every time I check the battery level on the app, it shows 99%, which sounds wrong. I’m at work for 9 hours a day and...
  3. M

    New BlackVue 900s 2CH with Cellink Neo6 Battery and expansion

    Hello everyone , this is my first post Not sure if anyone tried this setup , the objective is to keep all cameras working, battery charged while the car is parked for longer periods i am attaching a crude drawing of my 2 X BV 900 2CH dash cam setup., using two separate power sources to charge...