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    New B1W with blurred image

    Hello I have just received my B1W and the image is blurred. The focus appears to be fixed at about 30cm from lens. It doesn't focus to anything else within the car or outside through the window. Do you think it is faulty or can this be fixed with a trick? There is nothing on the lens such as a...
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    Left side is out of focus

    Hello, I bought Viofo A119 and left side of the video is blurred. You can clearly see it on this screenshot (click to enlarge): How to repair this? I wrote to Viofo (here on this forum), but they didn't reply. Cheers
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    Hey Guys! I recently purchased the Auto-Vox A118C model from amazon after seeing impressive sample clips and reviews from YouTube and the web! To clarify, i purchased from Auto-Vox amazons page and not some fake one of eBay/copy model! Link: You can see the reviews are even good! I received...