1. B

    GIT2 Wide Angle Sharpness Problem

    Hello, I recently bought an used GIT2 camera as a replacement for my old GIT1 and I sadly discovered that video quality is worse. I have made a plenty of comparisons with different settings and still not able to tell if it some physical lens or image sensor failure, software issue or it just how...
  2. G

    Blurry Video from Nextbase 412GW

    Hi all, I've had my 412GW since November, but I rarely ever view footage on the PC. Today I did, and was disappointed. See the video at the following link: (hope uploading to YouTube doesn't make it even worse!), and see some footage from the same road from my other dashcam, a SpyTec G1W...
  3. R

    Installing dashcam behind a heated windscreen

    Hi guys, I have recently bought my first dashcam - its a G1W-CB from Gearbest. I have Ford Mondeo MK4 with heated windscreen. After installing the dashcam, I find left and right end of the footage blurred. I dont know if I have installed it incorrectly, or it is a heated windscreen issue or the...
  4. D

    Blurry on one side

    Hello, I have V3 of the Street Guardian SG9665gc. It's a great camera, but the left side of the footage tends to be blurrier than the right. I have the polorizing lens on correctly, and since it's a small car, I wondered if it could be the way the windshiled is curved. Maybe I'm just going...
  5. Lezo

    Image becomes blurry after a while

    Hi everyone, Reviewing my videos, I've noticed my new Viofo A119S significantly lowers image quality after driving a while under sun exposure. The camera becomes quite hot during daytime (summer + southern Spain = bad combination). When I come out of the garage, the image is sharp and clear...
  6. L

    Yi problem- one side is blurry

    Hi, I have a problem with my YI. After I scratch original lens I replace it with gopro lens and now I have left side blurry. If I put back original lens it´s same. Do you know where is my problem? Thx
  7. BCHobbyist

    A119S Disassemble & Lens Alignment & Refocus

    Decided to share my experience with several A119S dashcams all slightly blurry on the left side. If anyone has this type of issue return and exchange the dashcam. I wanted to tinker and working with approval from the vendor and VIOFO to repair my 3rd A119S. Far too much effort and detail for a...