1. M

    A119s v2 broken menu button

    Hi everyone, I purchased my A119s v2 from BANGGOOD a little less than a year ago. Sadly I recently noticed the menu button was broken and no longer functional. It has suffered no falls or anything of that nature. I am really surprised. Banggood are giving me the cold shoulder as they consider I...
  2. davidr

    Hard wire kit with manual button?

    Hello guys! I have lurked around in this forum for a long time and I am running a Viofo A119 for over a year now. As my next upgrade, I will purchase a A119S for a dual cam setup. Now I wanted to hard wire those, with a more specific setup: My car is a Diesel with a pretty old battery, so all...
  3. A

    Generic Bluetooth Shutter

    Hi there! I'm Alexis and i'm relative new in the forum. For my birthday (22-oct) i recive a generic bluetooth 3.0 shutter from my brother and i want to use it with the Xiaomi Yi. I try to pair it directly to the camera but i didn't have any luck but i pair it with the smartphone and with the...