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    SG9663DCPRO 2020 Dual Channel VS VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K

    Curious which one you all recommend ? blackboxmycar says the SG Has better video quality. But the SG only offers time-lapse parking mode. While the Viofo offers: Buffered, time-lapse, low bit rate. How important are the parking modes ? Any help or opinions on this topic ?
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    "Chinese" ActionCams, Can you Suggest me One of the selected?

    Hi! I want to purchase an Action Camera so that I can record some of my motorbike trails. I'm not really sure what to buy considering I'm no Pro in tech gadgets. All I want is a Camera that is super resistant so, it needs to be water and shock resistant. I'm also looking for a camera which...
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    Looking for a xiaomi yi camera which is not working

    Hi, My camera is working but the board behind the lens becomes too hot and so the image quality is really bad. The reason can be because of my DIY project on connecting DC to the board. I'm looking for axiaomi yi which is not working and so I can buy and replace the lens board. I'm in Canada...
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    BlackVue DR650S-2CH IR

    Hello, I'm a Lyft driver and want to buy a new dashcam (to replace the one i currently have). Is the BlackVue DR650S-2CH IR is recommended? Can someone sell me a used one? (My budget is low). Thanks.
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    Super low Frame rate requied

    Hey Dash Cam Talk Forum, I am looking for a dash cam (or any other cam which can do the job), but I don't need it for the usual purpose. I am planning to do a large journey with my car and I want to record the whole trip to then make a time lapse video out of it. I will record for a bunch of...
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    Where to buy Git2? + remote waterproof?

    I am really interested in buying the Git2. Previously I was looking at the Xiaomi Yi with its performance and decent price but the Git2 looks to be superior (and growing better and better) so I don't mind parting with the extra moolah! Where would be the best place to buy the Git2? Preferably...