1. L

    Xiaomi Yi Car DVR Dashcam

    Hi friends I bricked my xiaomi car dvr. I just wanted to eachange languege on us. When i changed SN number camera bricked Just see this on screen. Is any chance to repair it?
  2. supermadalin

    International Edition vs. CN Version

    Hello, I'm interested in buying the international version of Xiaomi Yi Car WiFi (found it on geekbuying) but first I want to know if there are any differences in filming quality. I that CN version shooting very well, but on youtube there are no videos with international edition. Can I expect to...
  3. M

    3 Xiaomi YI as recoders for RallyeCar

    First of all - i'm new here, so please forgive me... i'm looking for information about possibility to mount 3 (or more) Xiaomi YI cams in Car, for multiple angle recording... I'd like to use 3-6 Xiaomi cams for recording our rallye car at stages - interior and exterior The best way will be to...
  4. germany

    Searching a minatur 1/4 inch screw clamp?

    It's not a real DIY project but I guess it's the right category anyhow. To mount a Mobius on one of my headrests in the back of the car I'm looking for a midget stand clamp whatever. There are a lot on ebay like the well known: Manfrotto Super Clamp GoPro clamp Walimex Pro 20470 Mantona...
  5. G

    30 Minute Full Car Crash Compilation

  6. G

    Car accident caught on dashcam

  7. G

    Russian driver caught on dashcam ,stupid drving

  8. camera800

    Specifications mini 0901. Available in UK

    Available in Specifications: Display screen: 2.0 inch FHD TFT Chipset AIT chipset (1080P FHD) Wifi Function Built in Support Parking guard function Lens parameter 6G...