cigarette adapter

  1. V

    Cigarette adapter won't charge

    Hello, *sorry for my English* Today I buy 322GW model and I follow instructions to fully charg on USB cable, so I did it like 3h and blue light is gone so fully charged, and I went to car, and before I do anything I gate alert on screen *battery low connect in the car adapter* like what's...
  2. P

    How to power Street Guardian SG9663DCP with Cellink Neo?

    I recently bought a SG9663DCP-32 (SG) and a Cellink Neo (Neo) after confirming with BlackBoxMyCar that the two should be compatible with each other. However, when I got the two items, I can't seem to figure out how to hook up the Neo to the SG so that the SG gets power from the Neo. (Note that...
  3. K

    A119 SpyTech Dashcam Drained My Honda Battery

    Hard to believe but It did happen twice in a day. 1. I installed A119 in my card after coming from work around 6pm. I decided to use cigarette charger that is available 'under my armrest'. I tested that the dashcam is not turned on when the car is off and with that, I left the dashcam...
  4. SoCalDude

    Can I use this fuse?

    I've had a G1W-B for a while and it was never hard-wired. I am going to hardwire it. I have two choices (and I already have parts to do either): 1) Connect a cigarette female adapter to an Add-a-Circuit and plug the cam into the adapter using the cam's male cigarette adapter (which contains a 2...