1. B

    GIT2 Wide Angle Sharpness Problem

    Hello, I recently bought an used GIT2 camera as a replacement for my old GIT1 and I sadly discovered that video quality is worse. I have made a plenty of comparisons with different settings and still not able to tell if it some physical lens or image sensor failure, software issue or it just how...
  2. M

    Video request

    Low light test: Xiaomi Youpin Seabird 4K vs Xiaomi yi action camera(first generation) Stabilization test and low light test: Gitup F1 vs Xiaomi Youpin Seabird 4K vs Viofo A119 v3 vs SJCam SJ8 PRO Hope people with at least 2 of the cameras above can do a comparison and upload to youtube.
  3. BCHobbyist

    VIOFO A129 vs A119 V3 1440p Dash Cam side by side Comparison

  4. BCHobbyist

    VIOFO A129 vs A119 Pro 1440p Dash Camera side by side Comparison

  5. BCHobbyist

    VIOFO A129 vs A119S Dash Cam side by side Comparison

  6. BCHobbyist

    VIOFO A129 vs A119 Dash Cam side by side Comparison

  7. Blink Blink

    SJcam S7 Star With External Microphone

    Purchased a SJCcam S7 star with an external microphone a while ago. To be honest, it has performed way beyond my expectations (video clarity and voice quality). My only headache is the wind noise it picks in my helmet (when the helmet is open slightly or I am riding on the motorway).
  8. BCHobbyist

    A119S FW2.1 WDR on/off Comparison

    I was never impressed with VIOFO's Wide Dynamic Range feature and disabled it until testing the A119S new Firmware v2.1 > the WDR image improvements are amazing compared to all previous firmware releases. The enhancements are only noticeable on scenes with both dark and bright areas. The A119S...
  9. C

    My WR1 Review in Various Lighting / Weather Conditions & Comparisons

    Information: WR1 Camera @ Default Settings (Cars clock needed resetting so not showing correct time) Dawn Image shot @ 5.30 am Dusk Images shot @ 21.30 pm Sunny Daytime Images @ 14.30 pm Night Images Shot between 23.30 pm - 00.30 am Mobius and Vico footage were previously recorded stock...
  10. kotysoft

    Mini 0805 vs Mini 0903 (NanoQ)

    Hi everyone, I just made a side-by-side comparison test video. Please read video description. Both RAW links also in YouTube description. RAW Nanoq: DOWNLOAD RAW 0805: DOWNLOAD RAW Nanoq: DOWNLOAD RAW 0805: DOWNLOAD More videos coming soon
  11. TechnoBuff

    Street Guardian SG9665GC version to compare to the Rexing V1

    ** Update 6/16 ** Rexing reached back to me after I contacted them about my battery issues and stated it wasn't the norm. They have shipped an me -- free of charge -- as new V1 dash cam and are paying for me to return my old one back for testing. Can't complain about their customer service...
  12. ccdff

    xiaomi yi standart vs custom firmware (download links included)

    A new thread which finally compares all the custom firmwares and a place where you can download them. I love that so many people are passionate about the camera, and tweaking it. Due to the prozessor und the simple firmware build it is easy to squeeze out the last drop of power from your xiaomi...
  13. Mtz

    GitUp Git1 image comparisons with 2016 dashcams

    I will upload here my videos but anybody which have a comparison with a 2016 camera can post here: Night: Day: The snapshots were taken from original videos without any reencode of any of them and the snapshots were saved in PNG format to preserve original quality...
  14. J

    Side by side by side by side - Gopro, Cube+, Foxeer and Mobius

    Hey guys, here's a side by side by side by side video i put together to help settle the action cam wars. Please tell me which you think is the clear winner!