1. J

    D201 g-sensor and motion detector not working !

    This is my first post so please be forgiving. I am asking this question because I have not found help anywhere. In my D201, as a result of battery consumption after two years, I had to reinstall the software, because the device stopped (after replacing the battery with a new one) to start up. I...
  2. M

    Dashcam $100

    Hello. Unfortunately, my car camera has broken (G1WH). I need to buy something new. Maybe you recommend something in the price of $ 100- $ 120? (I prefer aliexpress, gearbest, banggood). My father has Dome D201 and records well, but it scares me that it is so hot and the mounting is very...
  3. S

    Which cam has the best image/video quality?

    Hey all- So I know a bunch of the market leading/best selling cameras have a ton of features like accident detection, radar detection, GPS, etc. That's all well and good but based on the limited number of video footage I've seen, they many of these still lack in image quality. The only dash...
  4. S

    Newbie q: What's the diff between 201, 202 and 205?

    Hey all- Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question. I've seen all the reviews of the DAB201 and the image quality seems pretty awesome - better than all the other mainstream cams I've looked at. I haven't seen nearly as many reviews of the 202 or 205 and the Dome website has a bunch of...
  5. W

    dab205 vs dome d201 vs vantrue x2 vs Fiofo 119

    Hello, i decided to buy my first dashcam. I'm not sure which one to buy. It must have GPS and a good night quality, around 100€. I think these 4 are are good choice....but which? If you have a better one, please recommend me one. Thanks for your help. wonic
  6. F

    low card speed - stop recording

    Dear All, I have an issue with DAB-201. I thought that FW update had help but unfortunatelly no. From time to time (latelly offten) i get info low card speed stop recording. Card is fast enought it is UHS-1. I have also updated FW to posted by CaptureYourAction - no improvements. Do You have...
  7. Bubbah

    Dome D201 Review (Gearbest)

    The D201 is the first car camera equipped with the Ambarella A12 chipset with a 5MP sensor (OV4689) allowing a video resolution up to 1440P (2560x1440@30fps). The unit is bigger than its predecessors (G90/G98S). Despite the size and the chrome vents (They're supposed to remind the grille of...