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    Rear view mirror dash cam buying guide

    Rear view mirror dash cams are a great addition to your vehicle as they provide additional safety and also help with reversing. These cameras can also come in handy when you need proof in court after an accident or when making an insurance claim. And so it is always important to make sure that...
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    NEW LAUNCHED!!!Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam Dual 1920x1080P Front and Inside Dash Camera

    Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam is with the features: Dual 1080P Front and Rear Dash Cam with Snapshot Single Front 2.5K 2560x1440P/30fps or 1920x1080P/60fps Sony Sensor Infrared Night Vision Taxi Dash Cam with Voice Recorded 24 Hours Motion Detection Parking Mode Hardwire Dash Camera...
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    AMAZING DASH CAM WITH WIFI!!!Vantrue X3 WiFi Dash Cam, Super HD 2.5K 1440P/30fps 1080P/60fps Dashboard Camera

    Vantrue X3 WiFi Dash Cam can record in 1440p at 30 frames per second, or 1080p (or 720p) at 60 frames per second. The lens has a 170-degree field of view, meaning it can probably see everything in front of your car. FEATURES Super HD 1440P Resolution Built-in Wi-Fi allows live stream and...
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    AMAZING DASH CAM!!! VANTRUE T2 24/7 Surveillance Super Capacitor Dash Cam 1920x1080P OBD Car Camera

    VANTRUE T2 24/7 Surveillance Super Capacitor Dash Cam is launched just now. Specification: Processor: NOVATEK NT96655 Image Sensor: Sony IMX323 Aperture Range: F/1.8 Random Access Memory: 64Mx16bit (1Gbits) DDR3 SDRAM Display: 2.0 inch TFT LCD (4:3) Video: H.264 compressed format...
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    NEW RELEASE!!! Vantrue N1 pro Full HD 1920X1080p Mini Dash Cam for Cars

    Vantrue N1 Pro is with Full HD 1080P Resolution & Supper Night Vision Loop Recording & G-sensor...
  6. BCHobbyist

    Novatek NT96660 Firmware Modification Guide for VIOFO A119S DVR

    Expanding my Firmware Modifications to include A129DUO, A119PRO, A119 & A119S Dash Cams. Download A129 Duo Modified Firmware > https://viofo-dash-cam-modified-firmware.blogspot.com/p/download-a129-mod-file.html Download A119S Modified Firmware >...
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    Mini Q9 RAW 1296P Video Clip + Road Test Footage Vancouver

    Uploaded some interesting City Traffic routes in Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. View Full Screen for Best Quality YouTube Settings > Quality > 1080p HD Browse all BCHobbyist WorkShop videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/bchobbyist
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    Need Cam with all the Options for a Single Work Truck

    I own a small business and have one employee driving a pickup truck roughly 30 hours a month to read utility meters. The rest of the time, I drive this same truck operating a small utility company. I do a lot of driving, a lot of stopping in the road or on the shoulder, a lot of pulling in and...
  9. BCHobbyist

    Mini Q9 DVR Dash Cam : Review + Install + Menu Settings videos

    The Mini Q9 arrived at my door for review and I must admit was surprised at what I discovered while using this new Q9. As with all first generation devices (version 1) there is room for improvement. However this unique 160 degree wide angle and 330 degree rotating Lens works as advertised, watch...
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    Crosstour CR700 Dashboard Camera review

    The Crosstour CR700 is one of the most affordable dash cams I've ever come across. It's cheaper than the CR500 I had before, but with a lot of the same advanced features, this car camera video recorder films in 1080p high definition, capturing still and moving images in excellent quality, and...
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    Git2 as a dash cam versus Blueskysea B1W

    Hello everyone, I've been reading about different dash cam models, as I am interested in buying some for my car. I would like to start with low budget cam until I come up with some money to buy something better. I was looking at the Blueskysea B1W and was pretty much ready to buy, but I was...
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    Dash cam with YUV/RGB encoded output

    Hi, I am wondering if there is a dash cam that natively supports YUV/RGB output formats for pre-processing (ex. denoising, encoding etc.) before storage/transmission to the cloud. I am not looking for a camera module but a ready to use dashcam. Any candidates? Best, Sandip
  13. Mozzie

    Baby nearly got killed

    I managed to stop in time when I saw the pram was actually in my path.
  14. DashCamIndia

    www.CarCamera.in Car Dashboard Camera Vendor in India

    Hi Friend, I am from India and it may be surprise to know for you that Dash Camera are rarely use in India. We have road full of traffic law offenders, rash drivers, minor driver etc, still there prevails a negligence regarding use of dash camera in India. However, thanks to Forum like...
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    Collection of bad drivers

  16. Cathrine_J

    New Product Development? Need Your Great Idea in 2018!

    Hi guys, how many guys need rear view camera(as front is must), we are developing a new discreet/hidden dash cam, there are four choice in front of us 1 Front Camera ONLY (Novatek1080P+SONY Sensor ) 2 Front Camera and Rear View Camera( Front is SONY Senor Back is VGA ) 3 Front Camera and...
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    Need to integrate license plate camera w/parking mode dash cam

    Hi all, Thanks in advance for all your help I have a bmw 435i convertible. Want to do a front and rear dash camera with parking mode. Can't install camera in rear window due to convertible. Could install it near the mirror facing backward, but that shows me more back seat than rear view. Can't...
  18. Mozzie

    Someone with a death wish

    Found this idiot that didn't care about his stupidity. He could have used the paved footpath next to him. Luckily I saw him, because he was in the shadows around the corner at a point where drivers are looking the other way for merging traffic.
  19. MirandaM

    Dash Cam Start Up

    Hello, I am new to this forum but was hoping to find an interested party to buy my website name MiniDashCams.com for a start-up dash cam biz or to help with their existing site SEO. I had intentions to launch my own but never got around to it. It is great domain name and Godaddy valued it at...
  20. Mozzie

    Lucky they had a dash cam

    Looks like this pair may have been trying to do a scam to make the cammer pay for their damage. Why was the second car ready to pounce up ahead ????