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  1. V

    Vantrue N2 powered by USB C (5V)?

    Hi, I have a 2021 VW iD4, and it only has USB C type plugs up front - the 12V socket is in the trunk. Can I power the VanTrue N2 with my 5V USB C port? ID.4 USB-C port: 13W (4.65 VDC @ 2.8 A). Inference: Only a low/medium power USB-C power source (w/o USB-PD) is installed; apparently a 15W...
  2. D

    Viofo A139 Pro recording issues

    Just looking for some advice (I'm not super tech minded, so please try to keep it relatively simple) Recently installed a Viofo A139 Pro (front & rear cams - hardwired). It's intermittently not recording. Specifically I've noticed missing driving videos. It's a fresh install but I've tried...
  3. J

    Dash cam hardwired

    I’ve hardwired my dash cam but for parking mode to work I need to turn the car off and on twice for parking mode to enter. If I just leave the dash cam with ignition off first time it just stops recording and camera just still got power. Anyone had any issues like this or any suggestions?
  4. K

    Best Dashcam to catch repeated keying culprit?

    Hello all, I have an open-air parking spot in front of an apartment building. Residents of the building often pass by this spot on their way to the sidewalk but my car has been keyed six (!) times on the sides (doors, fender and rear quarter panel). The apartment building management refuses...
  5. S

    Bought a Vantrue? Yikes

    The case was like this, I wanted to sleep in the car, but after hearing the mount and Vantrue N1 Pro Mini fall down. Well…The dashcam stopped charging thru the mount, but was working perfectly fine through the device itself. I of course thought it was the amazing chance to upgrade the mount...
  6. Agie

    Viofo, let’s go! A229 Pro 3-Channel Dash Camera review (+ Vantrue Nexus 4 Pro shoot-out!)

    Viofo is back with their latest and greatest, the A229 Pro. With competition closing in all around from outfits such as Vantrue, 70Mai and Thinkware, does the Viofo have what it takes to ward them off? Let’s find out (special thank you to @viofo and @VIOFO-Support). Viofo A229 Pro (Sony...
  7. P

    No Name Chinese Dashcam

    Full disclosure, this is a bit embarrassing, but here goes... I purchased an inexpensive, off brand dashcam on a discount site (see pics). There, I said it. It's actually not that bad, pics & vids are of good, but not great, quality... But of course no manual to speak of, no instructions for...
  8. Padwanjoe

    Vantrue N5 Next Gen Dashcam - My findings

    Hello dear Dashcam community! It's been a while since I've posted my opinions on a Dashcam. Therefore, I was very surprised and honoured when I was proposed to give my opinions on the new Vantrue N5! Thank you very much, @Jeff_Vantrue ! Since there are many unboxing videos on the internet, I...
  9. M

    Something about how to choose a dashcam

    Reliability: Brand reliability is a pivotal factor influencing the quality of a dash cam. Established brands usually excel in reliability due to their higher research and development standards and more stringent supply chain requirements. Recommended brands include Japanese and Korean ones, such...
  10. R

    live streaming

    Hello, I'm thinking of doing what I've sketched. do you have any suggestions for the camera and other stuff, or has anyone done something like this? I've also spare single board computers. (radxa rock 5b 16gb, raspberry pi 4 8gb) Can I use ip camera?
  11. F

    4K Dashcam mobile APP

    For whom use 4K dash cam with WiFi feature, please could you kindly share your experience about using the APP (Either android or iOS)? Especially: If play smoothly in Playback mode? If play smoothly after downloading the video file into the album? Also what's your opinion/suggestion about an...
  12. rcg530

    MIOFIVE Dash Cam Dual - Review/Testing - RCG

    In early January 2023, a representative from MIOFIVE reached out to me to see if I was interested in testing/reviewing their "MIOFIVE Dash Cam Dual" 2-channel dash camera. I was sent a free sample of the MIOFIVE Dash Cam Dual and the MIOFIVE HWK1 3-wire hardwiring kit. I'm trying to get a head...
  13. F

    Best Dash Cams of 2023

    Hello everyone, happy new year! I noticed that DASHCAMTALK publishes "Best Dash Cams" every year, I curiously wonder: Who are behind the selection? What are the standards of the best? Thanks.
  14. B

    HK3-H hardware kit arrives! (Viofo is not going to be happy about it)

    HK3-H - the new hardware kit for Viofo dashcams (and most other), where "H" stands for "Homebrew"! Well, after 3 failed HK3 kits, a year of frustration with random power issues on existing hardware kit leading to missed records, few cases of beers and a free weekend - I have finally designed...
  15. M

    I want to know how long will my battery keep my dashcam on?

    I have viofo t130 and for powerbank I got ecoflow river 2. So how long will my powerbank keep my dashcam running? Second question i have is how can I use my power bank and go to parking mode in viofo t130? If I do go in parking mode how long will it last? (I use different vehicles for job so...
  16. Vantrue German

    Vantrue on sale!

    Greetings from Lantares! All high quality Dash Cam products from Vantrue, including the E1, N4 and more, are currently at least 20% off and more at Amazon! Stop by our store now to take advantage of the discounts! Most importantly, my friend, Happy Thanksgiving!
  17. F

    Rear dash cam power wire is to short

    Hi folks just joined I have an issue with my rear dash cam it has 2 wires 1 for power which is only 4ft long and black one that goes to front cam but there is no earth wire. Can someone please help. Thanks. Jon
  18. J

    How to submit product for Comparison Tool

    Hi guys, I am John. I would just like to ask if anyone of you have any idea on how we could submit our product for DashCamTalk's Comparison Tool? We are also involved in a dash cam business in Australia and it would really help us if we could advertise our product here in the website. If you...
  19. Vantrue German

    About the new Vantrue product E1

    Hi,I'm Lantares from the Vantrue Team, and if you've heard of Dash cam N4, you've probably heard of Vantrue as well. Now we have released a new product Element 1, in order to comply with Dashcam talk rules, you can find the product information on Amazon or our official website, if you have any...
  20. M

    Dash Cam for sides

    How important do you think even partial camera of the sides is? If we could get a 3rd camera for inside and just point it so the driver and passenger front windows are in view in case of side swipe or t bone. I dont know if i’m over thinking it what. Thank you very much!