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  1. S

    Dashcam records around Delhi

    After shifting back to India from the US, I bought the vehicle and joined an IT org in Noida. I am using dashcam for about 2 years now and I started a Youtube channel sometime back. Earlier it was mostly about traffic violations which I considered unnecessary and wonder why people take such...
  2. D

    Which dash cam should I choose?

    Recently my dash cam seems not working anymore so I need to get a new one. Which one should I choose? Vantrue N4 3-channel Dash Cam or Viofo A129
  3. J

    Question regarding Micro SD's in relation to Dash Cams

    Hello to all, First post here. I have a quick question. Are there any dash cams on the market that do not require a micro SD card? I am having a very hard time finding one. If so, what are the best ones? The reason I ask is because my computer does not have an SD port. Thank you so much for...
  4. F

    A few questions after setting up my Thinkware U1000

    The setup is the U1000 with front and rear cams, the radar, all powered by a cellink neo6 that’s hardwired to the car. 1. Will it ever go into parking mode like this? 2. How do I start/stop a manual recording? 3. In continuous mode there are hundreds of videos that are all 3 to 20 seconds...
  5. R

    Is it only me getting 2560*1440 30fps for front camera?

    I have the U1000 front and rear camera, and the micro sd card that is coming in the box. Whatever I choose in the app, 4k 30fps + QHD 30fps or 4k 1channel, for continuous recording, I am only getting 2560*1440 30fps file for FRONT camera (sample video file attached). Only for event recording, I...
  6. R

    First Scene dashcam

    Hi everyone. I would like to ask if the 4 LED-LOOKING thing on my rear camera is supposed to be emitting light? Im not surr if its a led or something. My rear cam is too dark. Please help. Thank you
  7. T

    Best Car Crash Compilation - Crazy & Insane Car Crashes 2019

    Best Car Crash Compilation - Crazy & Insane Car Crashes 2019
  8. C

    U1000 RADAR Placement

    Hey guys, I am wondering where I should place the radar add-on? Instructions say to place it as high as possible on the windshield while centered, but I am not sure if I should just stick it on the frit in the center of my windshield. Do I need to have it poke out a bit like the U1000 in my...
  9. Falgun Patel

    Rove Stealth 4K WiFi Car Dash Cam 2.35" IPS UHD 3840 x 2160p 150° Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder with 8MP CMOS Sensor, H.265, WDR, Time Lapse

    NEW 2019! Rove Stealth 4K WiFi Car Dash Cam 2.35" IPS UHD 3840 x 2160p 150° Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder with 8MP CMOS Sensor, H.265, WDR, Time Lapse, 24/7 Parking Mode, 512GB SD Slot, GPS, App View Manufacturer Direct Support Links : http://www.RoveDashcam.com Product Details : 4K...
  10. Falgun Patel

    Rove R2-4K Car DashCam 4K Ultra HD Dash Board Camera Recorder with UHD 2160P, 2.4" LCD, 150° Wide Angle, WDR, Night Vision, Built In WiFi & GPS

    Re-Invent Your Dash Cam User Experience! NEXT LEVEL OF VIDEO EXPERIENCE The ROVE R2-4K Dash Camera can record videos up to a resolution of 2160P(Ultra-HD). 150° Ultra Wide A+ lens Viewing Angle allows a wider viewing angle to capture those important details. Manufacturer Support Link ...
  11. D

    Have a question about Vantrue M1

    Can Vantrue M1 be powered by the vantrue obd power cord like the one that powers the t2?
  12. B

    My Garmin Dash Cam Mini Review

    I've had my Mini since June, and despite some major overheating issue I really like it. I did a fairly long video review that contains a lot of sample footage and comparisons with and without a polarizing filter: -Brian
  13. R

    Can a dash cam capture theft near my car?

    Can a dash cam capture theft near my car? If not, what can help to see the theft nearby?
  14. MissDank

    Deciding on Rexing V1P Pro and Rexing V1P 3rd gen

    This will be my first dash cam. Ive wanted one for a while and finally decided to do it since I just bought a new car 2 days ago. I’ve spent a couple days researching and Rexing seems like the only one who has dual cameras with WiFi that can be hardwired into my car and has good video quality...
  15. B

    Mrs wants a dashcam

    Hi all it's been a while since I last posted on here. I'm still using my mobius dash cam which has been great. The Mrs has just got a new car and wants a dash cam,can anyone recommend? Are mobius's still good? She's looking at spending £75 max
  16. estore009

    Uber/Lyft drivers, how about your opinion?

    Attention rideshare drivers please, Let’s talk about your options: WiFi Dash Camera has this capacity to view footage, download videos, and change setting via an APP on your iPhone or Android device! But Android phones will lose mobile data after WiFi connection with a dash camera's WiFi; Do...
  17. Best Dash Cam THINKWARE


    Features of new Q800 PRO include: ● Quad High Definition(QHD) forward facing camera – four times more detailed than High Definition (HD) ● CLOUD connectivity including geo fencing, locate vehicle, driving impact notification and video upload – perfect for parents ● Super Night Vision 2.0 – up...