dash cam

  1. B

    Type-C Dashcamera

    Hello people. Brand new to the website and I'm in the market to purchase a dashcam around USD 150ish. I purchased a brand new Skoda Scala, and I chose the option to add a usb type-c plug right next to the mirror, as shown this. https://www.skoda-storyboard.com/en/kodiaqrs_usb_c_mirror/ Is...
  2. iamback

    EU Dash Cam Thinkware U1000 4K QHD 2ch, ADAS, RADAR [SOLD]

    I'm selling my Thinkware U1000 dashcam, I've sold my second car and so I have a dashcam more. My system is 4K front / 2K rear dashcam system, complete of original bundle and box. In addition, included in the price: - Radar; - OBD cable; - a 2nd memory card SD SanDisk Extreme V30 XC I 128GB...
  3. T

    Almost backed into a Mercedes at the mall

    Who do you think would have been at fault if we collided? Without the video it definitely would have been pinned on me. With the video, I'm thinking fault would have been split between the two of us. Arguments for me being at fault: I'm backing up and I have to yield to feeder/thoroughfare...
  4. L

    HELP! HIT AND RUN! Can almost make out the plate!!!

    Hey everyone, ive got some footage for yall to take a look at. Today i was just about to go into work when a car 2 lanes over to my left decided last minute to cut off everyone and not see me and hit my left rear end. Ive slowed down frame by frame, zoomed in, used adobe premiere pro. Ive tried...
  5. Dashmellow

    Vintage 1956 "dash cam" footage of Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

    Watch for the Brown Derby at the very beginning and Musso & Frank at :52. You can also see James Dean on the marquee at :49. This footage was shot 65 years ago!
  6. Mozzie

    Wrong way

    Caught this moron driving on the wrong side of the roadway. I flashed my lights and he quickly disappeared down the nearest side street.
  7. jfsoto1988

    How do you reduce glare on IR dash camera?

    I am testing a Thinkware 360 degree dash cam setup on my 2006 Nissan Pathfinder SE SUV. My setup is F200 in the front, two F50 (with anti tampering cases)for the rear sides, & F200 IR interior for the rear. The foldup rear window that these older SUVs have might make running the cable for the...
  8. BlackVue_Pittasoft

    New BlackVue DR750X PLUS Series Full HD Cloud Dashcam Now Available

    The DR750X Series Full HD Cloud dash cams are getting a refresh. Introducing DR750X Plus Series. The new models, DR750X-1CH Plus and DR750X-2CH Plus, while similar in appearance to the DR750X Series, introduce fundamental changes and upgrades to the current Cloud Full HD dash cam lineup...
  9. David.Chan

    ZEROGOGO Z2 2CH Dash Cams Free Test Invitation (Limited Quantity)

    We are dash cam brand "ZEROGOGO" and sincerely invite you to review our Z2 Dash cam (1080P+1080P)! Any details of Z2 dash cam,please go to our official website: www.zerogogo.cn The free test quantity is limited, please contact us if you are interested. Thank you! :) :) :) :) :) :)
  10. David.Chan

    2021 New!!!ZEROGOGO Z2 Dash Cam

    ZEROGOGO Z2 Dash Cam Front and Rear Lens Where to buy?— Amazon US,Amazon UK, Amazon JP It is equipped with Novatek 96663 chipset, as well as Sony IMX307 lens and Sony IMX323 lens. It also uses a digital rear camera (LVDS) to ensure the clarity of the rear camera. The machine has passed CCC...
  11. C

    A500 + WIFI + iPhone

    Hi guys, I just bought the dashcam A500 pro plus but I have a problem. When I want to connect my iPhone (iPhone X, iOS 14.4, last update) to the wifi hotspot of the camera, it tells me "no internet connection" And because of that, I can't use the app to add the device on my phone... No update...
  12. Woodzman

    Deer at Night. BlueSkySea B4K

  13. D

    customer review, very bad service! yi mirror dash cam

    I do not recommend buying YI products. There is NO technical support from the word AT ALL. I wrote to them for help, they generally don't catch mice and don't understand what they want from them! I am writing I need help with the DVR, and he ask me receipts for the purchase of cloud storage. Are...
  14. B

    Canada Snow Plow and Truck Crash

    CBC News - Snow plow and Truck Crash caught on pick up truck's dash cam. This video has been extremely difficult for me to watch as I pass these highway snow plows so often during winters here in Canada. The pick up driver was so fortunate to have only minor injuries. A job I had which required...
  15. L

    What do you think about this Power Bank/Station?

    Hi guys! I was looking for a Power Bank to keep my dash cam charged while in parking mode (I have a Blackvue DR750S-2CH-IR, plus a 4G LTE Wifi Wingle). I don’t drive very often, so for me there's no point in buying something like the Cellink Neo or the Power Magic Ultra Battery B124, I...
  16. Mijant

    Vantrue T3 1520P Radar Detection Dash Cam is launched!

    Vantrue T3 1520P Dash Cam with Supercapacitor, 160° Wide Angle Dash Camera for Car, Dashboard Camera Driving Recorder with Night Vision, HDR, Radar Detection, Loop Recording, G-Sensor, Support 256GB 【1520P w/Night Vision & 160° Wide Angle】 T3 car dash camera with upgraded image sensor captures...
  17. G

    U1000 Cloud not working

    My U1000 dash cam (with attached radar) is getting power from an external powerbank. I have turned on the parking mode. My firmware version is v.1.00.13 I have successfully connected the u1000 dash cam to the internet via a wifi dongle, but i am unable to get live view remotely from my...
  18. Q

    Telematics Dashcam - send gps data direct to my tracking platform?

    Hey all I'm looking to integrate a dash cam that reports to my gps tracking platform these are the requirements 1) have built in tracker, or if not connect to something like a teltonika gps tracker 2) allow me to communicate with camera to request still image(s) at specific time intervals 3)...
  19. D

    [Q] Dashcam .TS viewer

    Hi, Can anyone help me with a Dashcam footage viewer for ".ts" files? I bought a Navigator with Android and dascam included from PNI, and I can view the videos with the location on a very bad mobile app, but i would like to see them using a PC software like Registrator , to be able to also see...
  20. D

    New U1000 owner, couple questions

    Hi guys, I just bought a U1000, which is a major upgrade for me from my old Mobius action cam as a dash cam. I'm pretty excited, I hope I made the right decision. I was on the fence about a DR900-S, a A129 pro, and the U1000. In the end the U1000 got the nod. I have a couple questions for...