1. longzheng

    B1W videos with lots of pink/purple patches in video

    I've had a Blueskysea B1W for just a little over a year (purchased April 2018) which I've been quite happy with, however just today I noticed that all the videos it has been recording are all heavily distorted with pink/purple blobs, with a bit of green and even blue. The colour distortion...
  2. M

    List of good non fisheye m12 replacement lens

    4K Productions Store 4.2MM f/3.0 12MP-Distortion -0.5% 4K Productions Store 4.35MM f/2.8 10MP-Distortion -0.85% Peau 8.25mm f/3.0 16MP-Distortion -1% BuyMobius 16mm M12 lens- BuyMobius 25mm f/2.4 lens-Distortion -1%> Feel free to recommend lenses which you think are good.
  3. 1

    Lens distortion correction for Yi 4K in Adobe Premiere Pro

    Hello, I am looking for a possibility (presets, profiles) to correct the lens distortion of YI 4K in Adobe Premiere Pro. Best regards.
  4. R

    Best action cam to use as a dash cam for scenery

    Hi. I'm looking for a good action camera to attach to the inside of my windshield so I can record video of scenic travel. I've tried several dash cams, but the barrel distortion is horrible on all of them, despite some claims that certain models have no distortion. I know dash cams are supposed...
  5. X

    Why doesn't the "adjust lens distortion" tool in app work?

    I'm trying to apply this tool from within the app. It's clearly available; not grayed-out or anything. But when I toggle it on, there's a preloader for a couple of seconds and it just toggles itself back off. I've tried with several resolutions to see if it was something that couldn't be handled...