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    DR550-2CH GPS Speed Issue

    Hello everyone!! I was wondering if someone may have had this issue or may know a way to fix the problem. Lately, I have not been getting the speed reading on the camera. The GPS light is blue and working, I get good GPS location on the map but it is not reading the speed, all it shows is "---...
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    Wifi connection but unable to connect/ping

    Hi all, Currently using 1.1.1aE Custom Firmware, and looking to try some of the other versions. The upgrade process documented requires a telnet connection (I assume via Wifi) to enter some commands. That's where my troubles started, and several hours of investigation and trial ensued without...
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    What and where are the latest Stock Firmware and Custom Firmware

    Hi all, I may be the only one confused here:-) The DR500GW-HD seems to have a multitude of "stock" firmware available depending on whether you go to Blackvue, AutoBlackbox or this forum. If you're lucky the links might work (the Blackvue ones don't seem to). Similarly there are various...
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    Wrong firmware installed

    Hello everybody! I got myself in a bit of trouble. I was looking for a solution to solving the Date and time error on my DR500GW-HD so I ended up looking for new firmware to upgrade my stock v1.008. To make things short, I downloaded and upgraded my camera to the v2.003 of DR500W-HD, NOT...