1. RaffRaff

    BlackVue DR650S-2CH Shuts Down After Entering "Parking Mode!"

    Model: Blackvue DR650S-2CH Firmware: 1.007_2017.07.03 Purchased: 2017, MAY 17 *** This is a long one and I apologize, but I wanted to include as much info as possible. Here goes! *** I installed the Blackvue in my 2017 Toyota Highlander with the Power Magic Pro (PMP); firmware...
  2. S

    BlendMount BlackVue Mount?

    I was browsing the internet and find this company selling a new mount for the BlackVue DR750S and DR650S. It's from BlendMount. I need to get my DR650S off the windshield. This mount looks interesting... What do you guys think? -- BlackVue DR650GW-2CH
  3. R

    DR650S-2CH not switching modes...

    I have the DR650S-2CH. I like the video quality and the unit. I think I have a configuration/sensitivity issue though. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes of driving for the unit to switch from parking mode to the normal recording mode. Sometimes it records an "event" before it will switch to...
  4. M

    blackvue dr650s-2ch Am i missing something?

    After reading many many reviews and doing my extensive research, this was supposed to be the BEST camera out there. Yet after forking out over £500 for the 128gb version plus the magic pro power pack and all it's other bits, i don't see what the big deal is? It's directly comparable to a £40...
  5. B

    Please check SD card. SD card write protection

    DR650S-2CH purchased 2 weeks ago. I upgraded the firmware via Over the Cloud on Android OS to v.1.005_2017.04.10 yesterday. Today I started receiving "Please check SD Card" and could not get it to stop even with powering on and off, pulling out SD card and putting it back in. I tried holding the...
  6. K

    Battery Discharge Prevention Kit with DR650S-2CH ?

    Which one is recommended? 1) BlackVue Power Magic Pro - Doesn't have great review anywhere 2) Lukas LK-290 - If so then Type A or B? No idea.. 3) Vico Power Plus - Double the cost of Lukas so unless it is really the one to go .. Setup will basically be for hardwired to battery with discharge...
  7. K

    DR650S-2CH Parking Mode?

    I believe this device has parking mode.. how does it work? constantly recording with motion detection? Or something else? How would it compare to DR490L-2CH ? Its less discrete but native parking mode right and 1080p rear recording??