dual camera

  1. F

    Rare dashcam project

    Hello there!!!. This is my first time here! :):) Well, first of all I don't know anything about dashcams so I came here in search of wishdom. I have a small company of two helicopters in Spain and I have an idea for safety purposes were dashcams (for example, I don't know if there is other ways...
  2. TonyM

    B2W Sample Videos

    Open thread for anyone to post sample videos from the new Blueskysea B2W Dual Lens 1080p dashcam. My review sample was sent by @estore009 and is running beta V0521. The camera has Sony Starvis IMX307 sensors on both front & rear cameras, and has an automatic switching IR cut filter for the rear...
  3. J

    Is it OK to power two Viofo a119 through one 12V to 5A dual USB piggy back?

    Is it OK to power two Viofo a119 through one 12V to 5A dual USB piggy back fuse? I have a Skoda Octavia MK3 VRS 2018 and I want to piggy back off one fuse with a: JZK® Car Power Converter DC 12V to 5V/ 3A Voltage Converter with Dual USB Adapter Connectors for phone charging car audio radio etc...
  4. B

    Terminology debate: dual cam // dual channel cam

    i find that the terminology for dash cams is very inconsistent, i want to know what y'all think. Dual cams are interchangeably referred to front facing camera + rearview cam OR front facing + in cabin (uber cams). Is there more specific terminology that is used? confusing as hell
  5. CrodPS

    Dual Camera Mirror DVR NT96663+AR0330

    A review of the Chupad R7 dual camera mirror DVR system Novatek NT96663 chipset and an Aptena AR0330 sensor 1080p Front + 480 Back
  6. Michelle S

    2 channel or 2 dash cams on budgetAlso would

    What are your thoughts on Mini0805 or mini0801 and the rear camera in this listing. Also open to other options but I think I need cameras with capacitor cause I live in the Caribbean and parking monitor ( both my brother and my moms car were hit in hit and runs and my mom was not around when...
  7. D

    Record Interior Cabin - Download video and audio

    I am looking for a camera to record my children and my family during the operation of the vehicle. I want to be able to capture moments with them on video with some nice audio. It can either be a DUAL camera or a camera that can swivel to capture the interior. Do you have any suggestions or...