1. D

    The latest dash cam from XTRONS

    hi, I'd like to inquire about one XTRONS DVR DVR028. I like its appearance and how it works by the info from the website. But will it work with all aftermarket car stereo?
  2. D

    Need Help! - Looking for ideas for a 4 camera setup that records continuously (360 coverage)

    Greetings Everyone! This is my first post here, and am hoping someone can help me out. Background: I have been using dashcams since 2010 - I've had the VicoVation WF1 1080p can, the Zedge Z3 2k cam, and some others. Why am I looking for a 4 camera setup?: So last October (2019), I purchased...
  3. T

    The Design of all installed Dash Cams is STUPID.

    Combining the monitor and DVR into a single unit is a very stupid idea because it means that the full functionality is never available. If the unit is mounted on the handlebars: - Parking protection is not available because the unit will be stolen. - Units that are not fully waterproof will...
  4. BCHobbyist

    Mini Q9 RAW 1296P Video Clip + Road Test Footage Vancouver

    Uploaded some interesting City Traffic routes in Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. View Full Screen for Best Quality YouTube Settings > Quality > 1080p HD Browse all BCHobbyist WorkShop videos:
  5. BCHobbyist

    Mini Q9 DVR Dash Cam : Review + Install + Menu Settings videos

    The Mini Q9 arrived at my door for review and I must admit was surprised at what I discovered while using this new Q9. As with all first generation devices (version 1) there is room for improvement. However this unique 160 degree wide angle and 330 degree rotating Lens works as advertised, watch...
  6. BMbler

    CCTV sugestions?

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  7. D

    Home security DVR and cameras for car?

    Has anyone used a home security DVR? The Lorex units seem to be very good and they take a 12v input. For about $300 you'd have 360 degree coverage (90 degrees per camera) and can set whatever framerate and video quality you want. But I'm wondering if the fluctuating voltage of a car will damage...
  8. Altron2000

    4ch custom stealth setup

    I'm looking to do a 4 camera setup but still trying to narrow down the platform. I was all excited about extending 4 Mobius lenses then the devices to the glovebox. But soon realized the lens extension cables go no where near that length. Sigh...back to the drawing board. Requirements: 1080p...
  9. B

    V-sys X1F

    Hi Tried to search the forum, but could not find anything regarding the X1F motorcycle camera. Anyone on this forum tried this camera? It's a 2 camera solution filming in full HD with GPS. It looks promising...
  10. A

    Xiaomi Mi rearview mirror dashcam

    Specifications: size: 303.8 × 76 × 40 mm; weight: 393 gг; processor: quad-core MT8665 clocked at 1,50 GHz; display: 8,88″ 16.7 million colours IPS HD capacitive multi-touch, resolution of 1920×480; sensor: OmniVision 2718, f/1.8 aperture, 2.8 μm x 2.8 μm pixel size; lens: 6G with 160 degrees...
  11. Agie

    Vasens 902 Dashcam (Novatek NT96650, Aptina AR0330) []

    Happy new year to everyone, and hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas with their friends and loved ones. Once again, a massive thankyou to @GearBest for providing a review sample. You can purchase the Vasens 902 directly here: -----------------------------------------------------------...
  12. L

    Xiaomi Yi Car DVR Dashcam

    Hi friends I bricked my xiaomi car dvr. I just wanted to eachange languege on us. When i changed SN number camera bricked Just see this on screen. Is any chance to repair it?
  13. Agie

    Xiaomi Small Square Smart Camera [Review + Setup+ Unboxing] []

    Hi everyone, just received the Xiaomi Small Square Smart Camera from the folks at, and have done a review over on YouTube which I have embedded below: To buy from Light In The Box, click here...
  14. Jayavardana Vel

    Beelink CA1 Car Drive Recorder (

    Beelink has sent me a sample unit of their new Beelink CA1 CAR DVR which is a Car Dashcam DVR (digital video recorder) with Hi3518E chip, Aptina Ar0230 Image Sensor with HD night vision image Sensor. You can get more information from this link...
  15. U

    Converting a battery-based dashcam to operate as a Super Capacitor-based dashcam

    Does anyone know if it is possible to convert a battery-based dash cam into a Super Capacitor-based dash cam system? I would be willing to add other electronics/electrical components to accomplish such conversion. My goal is to use the Koonlung K1S 2-channel dash cam (which uses a replaceable...
  16. stimpy77

    Rear view video feed to DVR

    I have a dashcam up in front and I was wanting to add another camera pointing out the rear window, but I realized I already have a backup/reverse camera that displays on my infotainment display when I put the car in reverse. I believe this rearview camera (OEM from 2016 Subaru WRX) is probably a...
  17. Cyranoidy

    CCTV for car , 2 or 4 cameras at same time, hidden!!

    Hello guys ! i am searching for a system that can record up to 2 or 4 cameras at the same time, but with the ability of auto-off, motion sensing, good quality, and reliable sistem, the case is that now i have a livue lb100 bought because of this forum, but the thing is that , for example, when...