eken h9

  1. H

    Someone pls help me. No 720p 120 fps in eken h9

    I bought an Eken H9 on Gearbest about two months ago. I want to record slow motion video with it and it says in the specs that you can record 720p 120fps but when I go to settings it only allow me to record at 720p 30 fps. Please answer if you know how I can record slow motion video. Thanks
  2. marsu66

    Eken H9 firmware mod / usage of FRM

    Hi, First let me apologize for my poor english, as it's not my native language. I'm looking for some help for using FRM in order to modify the last H9 Type 2 firmware - 160627LY- in my example wich is based around the 6350 chipset. Even i've not bricked my Eken, i've checked the files...
  3. P

    FAKE EKEN H9 from Banggood

    I received my EKEN H9 from Banggood and it appears to be a fake. On the EKEN Facebook page they show the settings screen of my camera to be a fake H9se, the firmware number on my camera doesn't even exist yet on EKEN's firmware list. I then contacted Banggood and sent pictures and screen grabs...
  4. Dashlapse

    Be creative with the Eken H9r

    Hi everyone, I am looking for some input. I've got an Eken h9r, G1W dashcam, an iPhone and a Xiaomi Yi. I make cloudlapse videos with them and I'm looking for creative ideas to keep them interesting. All input is welcome. Watch 1 of my videos here; Dave
  5. Dashlapse

    Using dashcams and action cameras for timelapse

    Hi all, Starting with the iPhone timelapse mode, I've been busy making timelapse videos with lots of cameras; dash, action, phone, etc. The three I filmed the most with; iPhone 6S; perfect videos, great 4K quality which allows me to zoom in to Full HD, during timelapse G1W dashcam; amazing...
  6. Marcofan76

    Eken H9 review in Italian

    Hi people, this is my review in Italian language http://www.actioncamitalia.it/2015/10/28/recensione-eken-h9/
  7. palarran

    Giveaway - Eken H9

    To mod: if this post is not acceptable, please remove it and sorry On the blog/forum www.actioncamitalia.it we offer a free Eken H9, with the support of GearBest. To partecipate: sign up to http://www.actioncamitalia.it/forum go to http://www.actioncamitalia.it/forum/giveaway.php click on the...