1. T

    Parking mode says I have 10 incidents - but no files!

    Have the 2channel Thinkware F800 Pro Before entering my car, I see a blinking red light. Open the door and the voice tells me there are "10 recorded incidents". When I go to my App > File List > there are no new videos recorded. Side Note: I reformatted the card just now and hoping it will...
  2. Handbanana

    Micro-SD video files sometimes unreadable, sometimes not

    My dashcam is a Cobra DriveHD Bluetooth 855 Model. Sometimes when I place the micro-sd card into my phone, random video files (roughly a third or so, maybe half) will appear as '0 bytes', and obviously won't play. Occasionally instead of 0 bytes, the file size is just unsually small (like 50...
  3. D

    Loop recording question

    I have a wonky question about loop recording. I hope I can be clear on what I'm asking. My dash cam is set to record in 3 minute segments. When the card gets full, the camera records over the existing files...thus it is loop recording. Because my camera is hooked up to an ignition switched...
  4. S

    Cutting together files, while having a longer file to be fastened

    Hi guys, I returned from my holidays and would like to cut together some videos and put a sound file to it. I know, a programme like VideoPad can help me with that. But I have a question about one file: I made a six minutes flick about a moving cloud wall. Now, I want to build this into my...
  5. TeriTerryTarry

    Unpopulated Lists During Delete - SJ4000 Wi-Fi

    While deleting files I came across the screens you see in the attached photos. How did I get there? 1. Go to Setup menu. 2. Choose Delete. 3. Highlight "Delete Current?" or "Delete All?" (makes no difference). 4. Press the Mode button. The first screen showing a blank list appears. The first...
  6. Robert Lonn

    Hello from Sweden - Eager to learn about Dashcameras

    Hi, I am from Sweden and dont have a dashcam(yet). Since I am uncertain about the leagal situation in Sweden I just have to learn from you here in the forum. I think there is much to gain from dashcams for Sweden as well. How are you taking care of the files from the dashcameras? Do you store...