1. B

    GIT2 Wide Angle Sharpness Problem

    Hello, I recently bought an used GIT2 camera as a replacement for my old GIT1 and I sadly discovered that video quality is worse. I have made a plenty of comparisons with different settings and still not able to tell if it some physical lens or image sensor failure, software issue or it just how...
  2. J

    Focus range? My focus plane is tilted.

    Hi. I got my new Git1. It works pretty much as expected. My primary use is as dashcam so I prefer hyperfocal focus distance. I have noticed that focus plane is not aligned with sensor on mine. It is most noticeable in close focus. This is a still from video, about 15cm from 24 inch screen...
  3. Mtz

    GitUp Git1 image comparisons with 2016 dashcams

    I will upload here my videos but anybody which have a comparison with a 2016 camera can post here: Night: Day: The snapshots were taken from original videos without any reencode of any of them and the snapshots were saved in PNG format to preserve original quality...
  4. Sunny

    Review: Gitup Git1 PRO Wi-Fi Waterproof 1080p Action Camera

    Thank you @gitup for providing this camera for review. It's available here at manufacturer's website: There are two versions of the package, one standard and one PRO. PRO version comes with a lot of mounting accessories and...