1. R

    Is it only me getting 2560*1440 30fps for front camera?

    I have the U1000 front and rear camera, and the micro sd card that is coming in the box. Whatever I choose in the app, 4k 30fps + QHD 30fps or 4k 1channel, for continuous recording, I am only getting 2560*1440 30fps file for FRONT camera (sample video file attached). Only for event recording, I...
  2. M

    Mobius 1 recording problems

    Mobius firmware v2.41 Problem 1: Recording breaks into 30mins parts . EVEN WHEN SET TO MAX. Type: Mov. Problem 2: Video gets degrade as time passes ... Microsd used for tests: Kingston class 4 microsdhc 8gb Strontium Nitro 433X U1 microsdhc 16gb Going to try other cards later.
  3. X

    Why doesn't the "adjust lens distortion" tool in app work?

    I'm trying to apply this tool from within the app. It's clearly available; not grayed-out or anything. But when I toggle it on, there's a preloader for a couple of seconds and it just toggles itself back off. I've tried with several resolutions to see if it was something that couldn't be handled...
  4. S

    Video is great but poor image quality! [help needed]

    Hello everyone! :) I am totally new here. I have bought my Yi cam 2days earlier and i need your help. When I record videos the result is great but the problem is when i take photos in same place and same light the result is not so good. I get blurry photos. Seems to me the problem is due to slow...
  5. vedranius

    Xiaomi Yi 3h timelapse - most of photos are white and 324KB

    Hi all! Today I tried to take a 3h timelapse of sunrise. Connected Xiaomi Yi to Xiaomi's 10000mAh powerbank, and put a Lexar's X633 64GB. Started 0,5s timelapse with WiFi turned ON. After 3h I've stopped timelapse and found out that Xiaomi Yi is very very hot. Got on my PC, where I found out...