1. Y

    Question on how to wire a camera

    Hello, brand new to this and I’m a little confused on hardwiring a cam. Looking at the BlackVue DR900 and I’d like to wire the camera up to run when the vehicle is on. Can I just purchase the fuse tap and that’s it or do I need to purchase something like the Power Magic Pro? Apologies if this...
  2. J

    How to mount on windshield

    Hello, I'm thinking of buying the T5e but I have some doubts regarding how to mount it on the windshield. I saw it has a "flat adhesive mount" but don't really know what it is (sorry, I never used a dash cam). How do you "stick" your camera to that mount? I read another thread where someone was...
  3. B

    Making a thinner, 2 wire charging cable, so it's easier to hide it in the gaps of my car

    I'm thinking for using two thin guage wires for the positive and negative wires of the usb micro / mini connector. That way it's easier for me to place the wire in small spaces (ie. between my headliner and windshield, etc....) Has anyone done this? and does anyone forsee any issues? As long...