1. SotY

    GPS interference

    So I have SGGCX2PRO+ along with hardwire kit for parking mode installed in my 2018 Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited with EyeSight and navigation. This camera interfere with vehicle GPS system heavily. My position with dashcam turned on is off sometimes by just 50ft but sometimes by 500ft or more...
  2. Z

    Changing Yi Action Camera UI from Chinese to English

    I just got my new Yi Action Camera. Immediately after connecting the iPhone to the camera the UI is changing from English to Chinese. Looking for instruction ow to correct the above. Thanks
  3. Monge

    Crackling audio - Noise Problem

    Hello, I am having the so called WIFI interference audio problem, but it happens even if wifi is turned off. The crackling sound is the same as in the video below. I've tried the tape fix, but it still happen. Anyone else had the same problem? Ideas? Thank You!
  4. M

    Intermittent audio problem

    I bought the camera a couple weeks ago, and it's been otherwise just great, the only problem is I've been getting a weird audio feedback noise in the recordings. The strange thing is it isn't constant, I can't really do much to diagnose it since I only know the sound problem is there when I...