joovuu support

  1. T

    Are any software updates coming for the JooVuu X and is this project dead?

    Does anyone know if "Dan" and the team from JooVuu doing anything else on this project? There has been no update at all on their website for about a year and the official forums have been spammed by various users advising not to purchase the camera. I bought the camera about 18 months ago and...
  2. thinkcat

    I am unable to connect to the JooVuu wifi from my phone

    Hi all, THis is my second JooVuu X. My first one, just randomly died one day, and never started back. I had some issues with my second JooVuu X, where it would just stop recording by itself. SOme of those issues went away when I did a firmware upgrade. Right now my issue is, when I try to...
  3. Ruben Isai

    Very happy with JooVuuX Camera and Custom Service

    I am writing about my experience so far with JooVuuX camera. This camera is my second dashcam, I am very pleased with the performance and quality. The quality during the day is crystal clear, enough for me to read license plates without issues. The night recording quality is average, but...
  4. S

    JooVuu - Defective products and non-existent service

    So I've been a long-time lurker on this site. It's unfortunate that my first post has to be of this nature, but unfortunately with the usual options exhausted, it's really all I can do to warn others - they sent me a defective case, faulty camera, then after a half-baked attempt at customer...
  5. Paul White

    Waterproof Case/Lens Ring for TCL SVC200 /Coleman Conquest Action Camera

    I purchased a TCL SVC00 (also sold in the US as the Coleman Conquest CX7WP) from JooVuu in October 2014. In June this year, the threaded yellow plastic lens retaining ring (which I assumed was glued in place) fell off the front of the waterproof cover while I was using it mounted on a camera...
  6. B

    JooVuu support gone downhill?

    Hi, Do you guys offer support still? I returned my Mini 0806 to you weeks ago and have heard nothing since other than you guys confirmed it had been "scanned" at your end. Someone was even cheeky enough to close the support case the other day with no reason!! It seems I've stopped getting any...