JooVuu - Defective products and non-existent service


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Feb 6, 2016
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So I've been a long-time lurker on this site. It's unfortunate that my first post has to be of this nature, but unfortunately with the usual options exhausted, it's really all I can do to warn others - they sent me a defective case, faulty camera, then after a half-baked attempt at customer service, gave up and washed their hands of it, refusing to even reply to any emails.

Last November, I ordered a Mobius Car pack and a waterproof case from @JooVuu @JooVuu.allen . The package took a while to arrive, but that's to be expected considering it was shipping to Australia. However I was disappointed that when it did arrive, it had all just been chucked in a jumble in a bag.

Worse still, the JooVuu Mobius waterproof case was TERRIBLE quality, with loose clamps, warped o-rings that didn't fit, and deformed, defective screw holes, meaning the mounting plate couldn't be affixed and the case is essentially un-mountable. In short, a dud product on the whole.


Raising the issue with JooVuu was troublesome, with their service ticket system proving unreliable and hard to use. After some mucking around, I got a response in which said they despite it being defective they wouldn't refund it, unless I mailed it back at my expense - which from Australia would cost more than twice the value of the case itself.

I tried to find a way to accommodate this, but while looking for a cheaper way to ship the case back, with no warning or contact, JooVuu simply marked the case as 'Resolved' and closed it. Despite sending multiple direct emails over the following weeks, I got no reply, leaving me stuck with a useless case and no recourse.

I didn't actually start trying to use the Mobius camera itself until a several weeks later, at which point further problems became apparent - the wide angle lens is horribly, comically distorted, and the camera turns itself off after only a few minutes, with the heat sink scalding hot. Once again, I emailed JooVuu, and one again, got no response.

This was about 8 weeks ago. I've been trying ever since to contact JooVuu, and I've received no response whatsoever. In fact, upon trying to leave a review on their website, lo and behold, it was instantly deleted! I have a dodgy case and camera, and it seems JooVuu's approach to it has been to wash their hands and pretend it's not there.

At this point, there's no real option other than to ditch the defective goods and try to get my money back through paypal. But forr the sake of other potential buyers, the least I can do is make my experience public.

Buyer Beware.
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I never quite got where joovuu is coming from as from past posts you can clearly see he rides an emotional roller coaster with swift mood change and decidedly odd conclusions/decisions and bloggs :confused::confused::confused:..

must be stress related, but I still question why he sold me 80 cameras for £150 that fetched over £1k on ebay and I still have 23 good ones to sell:confused::confused::confused:

cant help but like him for the deal I got:):):)

But Its clear others experience has been very hit and miss..
Well, just a bit of belated follow-up on this one.

I took the matter to papal and asked for a majority refund of about 90% of the transaction, as a few of the mounting bits to be fair were functional.

@JooVuu never even replied. Not one word of explanation or otherwise, completely failed to come to the table. PayPal consequently recovered my funds.

So there you go. Fair outcome but shockingly bad customer service. I bought my replacement elsewhere, would recommend others save the hassle and do the same