1. -Pizdys-

    LiFePO4 and LTO power bank for dash camera fully manufactured in the UK (Europe)

    From April 2020 I'm testing LiFePO4 and LTO power bank fully manufactured in the UK, Manufacturer planning to open a second manufacturing line in Germany (there will be stamp "Made in Germany"). I have received two battery versions for testing purposes (based on LTO and LFP Cells). Power bank...
  2. M

    Cellink b vs LiFePO4 deep cycle battery

    Has anybody wired the dash cam to a deep cycle battery (e.g. LiFePO4)? Is there any reason it shouldn't work as well as the cellink-b but with higher capacity and lower price? There would be the issue of recharging it, but apart from that it may be cheaper/better option If anybody wants to pitch...