1. M

    SJ4000 basic\First batch Briked or not ?

    Good day. I have a problem with a SJ4000 non wifi camera 1,5 inch display. It was given to me from my friend because it didn't work. And i asumed that I can repair it. Looked like a firmeware problem so i started to dig in. Did my research and i saw it's pretty common. When i got it i saw the...
  2. B

    Battery always 0% even though its fully charged

    Hi there! I recently got a Xiaomi Yi action camera with firmware version 1.4.8 . It worked awesome until it ocnstantly showed a red light when turning it on(still fully functional). In the app i only saw that my battery was 0%, i charged it with an external charger, and 2 other batteries, which...
  3. R

    Dashcam funny fails

    I bought a dashcam on eliexpress it was 50$ in special It has a good image and sound even recorded a truck missing his turn and hit light pole
  4. basior

    Charging light ring - switching off.

    Is there some way to disable light ring arround lens while charging? I know that I can disable all of xiaomi lights in app menu but front light still works after plugging in into usb or other charger. The reason why I'm asking is that I use xiaomi from time to time as dashcam and I simply don't...