mini 0805

  1. R0tten

    Done some research and now I need to narrow it down

    I'm interested in a new dash cam. My previous Cobra CDR 820 was OK and I could read license plates to my satisfaction recorded with it, but it was not reliable towards the end. During less than a year I always had power issues where the camera would reboot. What I'm looking for is what almost...
  2. M

    only 25fps in MINI 0805 from GearBest

    Just got my MINI 0805 from GearBest. But looking at the resolutions in the device menu there are values with 25fps only. Does GearBest sent me a wrong MINI?
  3. C

    Hello from Switzerland

    Hi there, I've used DashCam Talk to make a selection for a DashCam and finally decided for a Mini 805. I'd like to say thank you for all your input, it provided me with a clear picture on the different products and helped a lot in finding a good fit for my use. I hope to give back on it as I...
  4. A

    Mini 0805 Glitch?

    I have a Mini 0805 hooked up in the rear windshield. Three times in the past week, I've been driving and I casually look in my rearview mirror and see that the unit has turned itself off. I park underground and usually have the A/C running so I doubt it's a heat issue. Anyone else experience...
  5. kotysoft

    AE Metering fine tune?

    Hi everybody. I already digged myself into the depths of amateurish customizations of MINI 0805. Currently I'm experimenting with metering table, using the pieces of informations found on this forum and the useful AFT app . Basically I have no problem with my current video quality, but I think...
  6. K

    MINI 0805 - Red light / freeze after starting car

    I recently picked up this dash cam for my 2006 Civic Hybrid, and it mostly seems to work great, except for this one very annoying problem. If the camera is connected to the car's power when I start the car, the camera freezes up and just has the red charging light on. Cycling the power or...
  7. jamieroquai

    wich one of these 3

    Hello everyone ! I have my eye on a AUSDOM A261 2K or a mini 0826 / 0805 what would you recommend me ? it´s for use in a hotter climate thanks
  8. G

    Best setting for night time recording?

    now using 1920x1080p 45p mode but the night time quality especially vehicle number plate seems blurry when replay on pc. What setting did you guys used and prefer? Suggestion needed...
  9. Anno655321

    BlackVue DR650GW-2CH vs Mini 0805

    First Compare Second Compare (cropped and pointing up a notch on both cameras) audio in both videos is from the Mini 0805
  10. TwentyFIngers

    Is it possible to turn the screen off while recording?

    Hello, I want to buy the mini 0805 and use it as a rear camera. Is it possible to turn configure the camera so the screen will remain off while recording? Thanks.
  11. A

    How large is the input electric current of Mini 0805 ?

    Can I use the usb port of my car to charge for it ?
  12. A

    Can mini 0805 work as an usb webcam?

    Can or how mini 0805 work as an usb webcam ?
  13. Zenit

    Hi - new Mini 0805 owner and new to dashcams

    Hi everyone, I am new to dashcams and the Mini 0805 is my first. Got it for $66 from GearBest, shiped out of the US. I thought this was a pretty good price. There is no branding on the unit itself, the box states "A7 Dash Cam". My first impressions are positive, build quality appears to be good...
  14. D

    Maximum speed?

    I have bought Mini 0805 from gearbest, but when record a trip, the maximum speed achieved in Registrator viewer is 114KM/h (a straight line in the graph), is this a bug? Firmware is 20150615 V1.0