parking guard

  1. V

    Parking Guard Questions from a first timer

    Let me begin by stating I know close to nothing about wiring or installation. The Mini 0906 is my first dashcam and exited about using it. I bought the mini 0906 and Veckle Parking Guard hardwire kit Parking mode for my 2013 Toyota 4runner. I want to use the parking...
  2. M

    Mini 0906 parking guard and Celllink b

    Hi First time posting so please forgive if I do something wrong. I am looking into investing in my first dash cam and I have been looking at getting a mini 0906. I would though like to take advantage of the parking guard functionality of the 0906. However I would like to try and avoid...
  3. Veckle DashCam

    Which accessory do you want the most with your dash cam?

    Hey guys, We'd like which option do you want the most. Remote Control, Parking Guard or CPL Filter Thank for your response! :)
  4. Veckle DashCam

    Lightning Deal Mini 0906 Dual Dash Cam @Amazon US Ended.

    Veckle Dual 1080P FHD Mini 0906 Dashboard Camera Recorder with Parking Guard, CPL Filter, Sony Night Vision Exmor Sensor, 7 Lens Wide Angle 1.5 inch LCD, Loop Recording Dash Cam for Car [Official Version] [Update] Ended. Link
  5. Taycarin

    Veckle Mini 0906 Dual 1080P Dash Cam with GPS, CPL Filter

    Veckle Mini 0906 Official Version Dual Dash Cam 1080P Full HD with Built-in GPS Mount, CPL Filter, Sony Night Vision Exmor Sensor, Remote Controller, Parking Guard Hardwire Kit () Specification Mini 0906 Official Version Chipset: NT96663 Camera: Front Sony IMX290/291; Rear Sony IMX322/323...
  6. Lovely-connie

    Mini 0906 Is On Sale

    First Sale, up to 35% off Link for order Mini 0906:
  7. elsid

    Park Mode not working

    I have a new M6Plus hard wired and park mode is enabled in the settings, but it just keeps recording normal video with no time lapse. Any help/advice appreciated.
  8. Chris Hunt

    Mini 0807 Parking Mode.

    A look at the mini 0807 parking mode with a sample of the low frame rate footage at the end.