parking mode a119 v3

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    Parking mode with HK2 and timer

    Hi! I have a question regarding this parking mode in A119 v3 with GPS, but have the same behavior in A129 Plus too. I need to use 2-wires hardwire kit (HK2) and I want to use parking mode with timer (my car sometimes is not used for few days). Now I have possibility to test this dashcam on my...
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    Several questions on the parking modes

    I received my A119 v3 for a few weeks ago and have now obtained some experience on the various parking modes available in the camera. Curiously enough, it seems that none of the parking modes behave according to my expectations... :) It may well be that my expectations were not correct, but I'd...
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    Parking mode not working

    Hi, Please can anyone help me? I got a A199 V3 and had my friend who is a mechanic help hardwire it in our 2015 Nissan qashqai. I bought the official hardwire cable. We have it all set up and it works (I think as it should) however the parking mode is not working. I have set the settings as...