Parking mode bug? (not save impacted videos to RO folder)


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Oct 15, 2016
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United States
I have an A119V3 v2.6
I used parking mode and set to autoEventDetection. When connected to a powerbank, the dashcam recorded normally.

parking mode.jpg

After awhile without detecting movements, it stopped recording and entered parking detection mode:

parking detect mode.jpg

So here are the problems:

1.When it detected motion, it recorded one file 45 seconds. then waited for the next event (assume the previous motion stopped). However, during that recording time, I pressed the hazard button, it didn't trigger to save the file to RO folder. (not a big deal )

2. When an impact was detected while in parking detection mode (not recording at the time), it triggered the yellow hazard sign, recorded a 45 sec video file, saved the video, but did not save it to the RO folder. (serious problem)

impact trigger.jpg

In conclusion, the dashcam won't save any file to RO folder while in parking detection mode.

Is there a fix? Am I missing anything?


Dashcam info and setting:
Firmware: A119v3: V2.6 build 20220808
res: 4k
bitrate: high
loop: 3mins
Vid: mp4
Parkingmode: autoEventDetection
parkingmode timer: 90 sec
parking G sensor: high
parking motion detect: mid sensitive
time lapse rec: off
motion detection: off
G-sensor: mid