rear view mirror

  1. B

    70Mai Rearview Mirror Dash Cam D04

    Hey, I have bought two of the cameras for my parents about a year ago. I was counting on some firmware improvements like ability to remove logo from video or changing recording time to more than a minute etc. Unfotenatlyy i can't find any information about new firmware. It look like 70mai just...
  2. CrodPS

    Dual Camera Mirror DVR NT96663+AR0330

    A review of the Chupad R7 dual camera mirror DVR system Novatek NT96663 chipset and an Aptena AR0330 sensor 1080p Front + 480 Back
  3. Ferginator

    Looking for DashCam with over long battery life, park mode, wireless upload, live view, and more

    I'm looking for one that has parking mode, discreet, has battery life of at least 12 hours, rechargeable batteries, can wirelessly upload videos in like 10 to 20 min segments to a storage device, I can also view it live, have night mode as well and a GPS tracking. I know it's quiet a list but...
  4. R

    Rear View Mirror cams?

    Greetings im New and these rear view mirror cameras look nice :) I have a 13 Lexus ES350 with parking assist so i dont really need the sensors or rear camera. I like the rear view mirror look because its part of the thing really and looks nice. I was wondering if anyone got one of these locally...
  5. Enoch Cheum

    AUTO VOX T1400W Wireless Backup camera

    Wireless Design for DIY Easy Installation! Save Money This Wireless Parking assistance System throws away the traditional complicated cable routing.Make all things much easier. Ensures stable and high resolution image with 100M acceptance range in open areas. Stable signal transmission is...