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  1. Dashmellow

    New GoPro tiny 4K remote lens camera

    I'm not sure if this is solely an action camera or whether it will be deployable as a dash camera as implied in the video so I thought I'd just post this in the "General" dash cam discussions. Whatever it is, it seems a remarkable new direction for GoPro. Seems more than a little inspired by...
  2. sd4x4

    Custom Mobius install with remote lens

    Mobius dashcam install Finished off my Mobius dashcam install today, pleased with the stealth look. Had the camera initially attached to the windscreen, but it hung down below the mirror so was too obvious for me from outside. Then tried to install it below the mirror housing, adapting the...
  3. U

    Converting a battery-based dashcam to operate as a Super Capacitor-based dashcam

    Does anyone know if it is possible to convert a battery-based dash cam into a Super Capacitor-based dash cam system? I would be willing to add other electronics/electrical components to accomplish such conversion. My goal is to use the Koonlung K1S 2-channel dash cam (which uses a replaceable...
  4. Dashmellow

    Mobius Remote Lens Eyeball Cam

    This project is a follow-up to the DIY “Mobius Remote Lens Tube Cam” I posted two weeks ago. Like that project, it was also created as a companion cam to the DIY “Low profile tripod thread windshield mounts” I posted about two weeks ago as well, with the goal of creating something small and...
  5. Dashmellow

    Mobius Remote Lens Tube Camera

    A long time ago, I bought a 20cm Mobius lens extension cable but I never did anything with it. In the meantime I've been observing all the interesting, creative things people have done remote mounting the Mobius lens module in other objects like sensor housings, GPS housings, old VCRs and the...