rexing v1p

  1. usmcmcauliffe

    Rexing V1P Firmware Causing Rear Cam Failure (Revert Firmware?)

    Hey everyone, I'm new here & this is my first post.. I'm hoping to find some help with something. Last night I figured I would update the firmware for my Rexing V1P Pro Dual Cam. I followed the instructions exactly, downloaded the new firmware update (T511AA.96663.4689.20200902.01) & uploaded it...
  2. MissDank

    Deciding on Rexing V1P Pro and Rexing V1P 3rd gen

    This will be my first dash cam. Ive wanted one for a while and finally decided to do it since I just bought a new car 2 days ago. I’ve spent a couple days researching and Rexing seems like the only one who has dual cameras with WiFi that can be hardwired into my car and has good video quality...